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That query / observation doesn't consider that posts from earlier years are still getting views / votes today. We can't draw any meaningful conclusions from that data other than that newer posts haven't had as many views as older posts... Shocking.


The tags like arrays and string are what are known as dependent tags. But they are not meta tags (which are a specific subset of dependent tags). They cannot be used alone, but they don't describe the type of the question or the skill level of the author rather than the content of the question. These tags are useful as a LEGO tag or a brick builder tag. It ...


This error message actually has nothing to do with reputation. You're receiving this error because the system isn't properly seeing the header text with the link to your question that it's added for you when you started writing your meta question. When you fill in the form to ask a meta question about your own post, and you get to the question asking form, ...

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