Related to the new Stack Overflow navigation (2015) which is currently on-hold.

Administrative Note July 6, 2017: development for this project is currently on hold; if you find it useful you may continue to use it and report bugs or suggestions, but fixes / improvements may not be forthcoming.


Adapted from MSE post and MSE post 2. The relevant parts:


How do I get this?

the new "New Navigation" panel

Go to your user preferences page, look at the bottom. Check the checkbox, or un-check it to go back to normal. Checking the box puts you in a waiting list.

We allow people in batches to verify behavior under load, ensure we've fresh eyes as we fix the inevitable bugs and so on.

There's a five minute cache expiration time, so any change you make might take a little to propagate.

Update: As we have 500 active testers now (you are amazing!), we will delaying new alpha activations until we roll out a set of fixes. Opting in now ensures you'll be in the next few hundreds to see the next version.

Update: We have activated 500 more testers after deploying a set of fixes. There are around 1000 testers active now. There are 3000 people in the waiting list, gosh! You might need to wait a little bit.

How can I help?

Here's what we really want to know :-)

  • that we are not breaking stuff you used to do
  • how easy is to find questions to answer, especially if you are a new user
  • any ideas for improvement and feature requests
  • bug reports

If there is anything you particularly hate, but it's not a breaking behavior, please think of a better alternative and suggest it as a feature request. <3