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Can't close Teams bubble on IE11

Thank you very much for your report. We deployed the fix, so clicking anywhere on the blue tooltip should dismiss it. We removed the CSS rule: pointer-events: none, which was not working on some ...
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Stack Overflow logo in new footer is red on Meta and blue on Main with Edge

Paweł adjusted the selector/SVG to match casing, so Edge can find the right elements and style them.
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Site is broken on Microsoft Edge for Windows Mobile

Yes, it is asking too much. The computer industry moves too fast to expect support for unpopular platforms for more than a year after they've been removed from the marketplace. Microsoft EdgeHTML ...
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Cannot login with Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 browser)

I had this problem and turned off flash in the advanced settings and the logon process works as I would expect. In fact, many other websites behave better since turning off flash.
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Can I read Stack Overflow in Immersive (reading mode) in Microsoft Edge?

From this doc, we can know that if you don't see Immersive Reader in the address bar, it might be that the web page isn't an article, or some content is missing when opened in reading view. You can ...
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Can't upvote and can't access edit tray for answers on Stack Overflow

Update(Problem Fixed): 1)For Chrome, it worked after restarting chrome 3-4 times (after clearing cache &cookies) but not for edge. 2)For Edge, I simply cleared all data(from browsing to saved ...
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