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That's not a comment. There are no links there. That's not a bug. You have this: ```What is really on this line? I hope you can see why I am asking this question ``` The line that contains the leading backticks is meant to accept a syntax highlighting hint. That text is not supposed to be rendered. A correct example would be: ```c while (true) { }; ```


You can write this in a comment: ``\`` and it will appear as a code-formatted backslash. I thought it required three backticks each side, but apparently two is the minimum.


You're using the HTML <hr> tag. The Markdown parser requires that HTML tags like that be followed with a blank line. When the post is edited to add a blank line after the <hr> tag, the inline link Markdown syntax is parsed and rendered just fine. (I tried to demo this, but my subsequent edit designed to show an even better way merged with the ...


Thanks for reporting this. I had some fun poking around and here's what I found out: Whenever you save a post on, we run a bunch of quality checks. One of them is checking whether your post contains unformatted code - and as you can see, you tripped this one off. Checking for unformatted code is mostly a heuristic. We look for typical ...

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