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I believe I have had the error because I was using metacharacters in the text of my post, removing them worked for me.


Good catch. This is something I messed up as part of integrating the new CommonMark renderers. A fix will go out later today that will make infostrings like ```c# or ```c++ work again. Thanks for spotting and reporting!


I was about to post about this when I saw you beat me to it. It seems to be an issue with the Markdown content for codeblocks with the language set to C# specifically. If you change the codeblock's language to csharp the issue resolves itself and it will be displaying proper Markdown for C# in both the preview and the actual post. Also this isn't just the ...


bug Tab characters in code blocks are replaced by four spaces.status-bydesign Tab characters in Stack-Snippets are replaced by an inconsistent number of spaces. This can break any code expecting this character: const tsv = `This is TSV`; const csv = tsv.replace( /\t/, ',' ); console.log( csv ); // should output "This,is,TSV" Probably affecting ...


status-bydesign Possible bug: My answer to this question, how to hide <div> in html page in, gets mangled if I don’t include an XML comment (or possibly a bunch of blank lines or other text).


Thanks for reporting this. This broke during our .net core port due how the old @helper razor code was ported. A fix is rolling out in the next deploy (rev 2020.6.9.36995 or later)


This month, the Stack Exchange network will migrate to CommonMark. This very site, Meta Stack Overflow, has already been migrated this week and Stack Overflow itself will follow later.

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