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Can I start a paragraph with "1."?

As documented in the CommonMark Spec, you can escape it with a backslash before the period. 1\. Example See: 1. Example
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How can I create a table in a post?

Tables have been added to Stack Exchange as of December 2020. This is what you want: |id|name |email| |--| --- | --- | |1 | Sta |[email protected]| |2 |Danny|[email protected]| |3 |Elle |[email protected]|...
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Should code be edited so that it is visible rather than being in one long line?

Yes, if you're improving the quality of the post, you should make the edit. Code on a single line is not very readable, so formatting it is an improvement. Make sure that when formatting the code you ...
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Did I not blockquote this correctly?

Your formatting was correct. You were quoting a article you linked, so the text should be formatted as such. You handled correctly by rolling the edit back.
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How do I remove excess indentation on my code blocks?

For reasons previously unbeknownst to me, the same keyboard shortcut that you use to format unformatted code as Markdown code blocks (Ctrl+K) can also be used to reduce the indentation of code blocks ...
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Should we approve suggested edits that change ``` to four spaces code formatting or vice versa?

No. Edits like those should be rejected for not making a meaningful improvement or making the post easier to read. Edits that only change formatting are appropriate in very narrow circumstances, such ...
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Should we disapprove of uploading images of tables when asking a question?

The rule of thumb should always be to favor whatever makes a question easiest to read and to answer. Even before the introduction of table markdown, images of tables were discouraged, for a number of ...
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Should I fix the formatting if it changes the meaning?

Stack Overflow has always done this (C# type specifiers in < > being interpreted as HTML tags outside of a code block), and I've always fixed them without hesitation. It's not about "don't ...
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Why does this markdown not render as a list?

Add an extra blank line before your list. You have your list and the previous line like this: Worth noting: - My Workspace folder is `C:\Users\Jon\Aukitekt` - My project folder is `C:\Users\Jon\...
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Should I fix the formatting if it changes the meaning?

Escape the first < Stream\<Integer> Or use backticks `Stream<Integer>` You're not changing the meaning because It's already there, but seen incorrectly as HTML It's in the code block ...
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Should code be edited so that it is visible rather than being in one long line?

In general, my answer would be "yes, but...", but in this case it would be "probably not." It depends on the purpose. The probably not: You used a very specific example from r ...
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Cannot figure why am getting "Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted"

Include pictures in post may cause this problem. If we insert picture using Image button in toolbar, or use shortcut key Ctrl+G, a script like below will be inserted to out post: [![enter image ...
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Is there a way to put code blocks in block quotes?

Apparently this also works: > Some code: > > ```lang-js > const a = 0 > ``` Demo: Some code: const a = 0 Useful because the accepted answer doesn't work on Github or on my ...
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Support CommonMark fenced code blocks

Code fences are now implemented. See Implement ```-style (fenced) Markdown code blocks on MSE for all the details.
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How should links embedded into questions be formatted?

Fix the root problem: Accessibility According to Princeton's Meaningful Links article: Place the link on text that clearly and uniquely describes where the link goes. Where does "question" ...
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Why is the default for inserting an image like this [![enter image description here][1]][1]

[![enter image description here][1]][1] makes the image a link to itself. This makes it easy to simply click on it to open the image itself (useful for large images that appear small in the post). I ...
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Can I start a paragraph with "1."?

I don't know of any way to escape it, but you can easily trick the parser: 1. Do you want this? 2.<!----> Here's how. 3.<!> You can also use invalid HTML. 4.<z> There are a ...
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Should we disapprove of uploading images of tables when asking a question?

Since the introduction of the table markdown should people still be using images of tables instead of the markdown? No. Really, no one should have ever been using images of tables. Creating ASCII ...
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Should we approve suggested edits that change ``` to four spaces code formatting or vice versa?

No. These types of edits should be rejected, especially now that this type of formatting actually results in proper code formatting, and not half-broken formatting. These types of edits make ...
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Is formatting that is designed solely to call attention to a question or answer allowed?

Your concerns are right, this is really excessive attention-grabbing. I can understand a header announcing that there's a new solution as of some year when all the existing answers are years old (heck,...
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Different types of quotes in answers

I have never a need to distinguish between those. If you are confused, then that's the problem with how answer is written, not with some missing style. You can use hyperlinks or caption to clearly ...
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Link with round brackets looks good in preview, but broken after submitting

You're missing a closing bracket: [Wolfram Alpha](https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=nextprime((10%5E32)%5E2)) results in: Wolfram Alpha. Note the extra closing bracket at the end: [...](...((10%...
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Comment with inline code that is just a backtick

Looks like this can be done by backslash escaping a back tick inside two other back ticks. `\``
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Don't wrap code at hyphen

I'd agree that wrapping at dashes probably doesn't make sense in code, but wrapping in general is desirable, for example: If you want to store a constant (such as π) in Java, you should declare it ...
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How to compose yellow background blockquote?

This is a standard blockquote. The Markdown syntax is to precede the text with a >. You can achieve the same effect in the editor by highlighting the block of text and clicking the quotation-mark ...
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Markdown for checkboxes

GitHub has extended the original Markdown specification; they added checkboxes, tables, code block fences (``` markers) and a few other features. Those are not part of the base specification, and thus ...
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Heading, followed by code: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code

It took me half an hour to understand, that it still need an empty line below the title (more accurate: in front of the code) *Some Title* -- code that was below the title *text explaining the ...
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Link to a specific spot in a Stack Overflow question/answer

You can't, at least not using the formatting (Markdown or HTML) available in Q&A (or even tag wikis). Collective articles (example) automatically get header anchors. One alternative is to use ...
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A Markdown table is detected incorrectly as a badly formatted code block

Thanks for reporting this. I had some fun poking around and here's what I found out: Whenever you save a post on stackoverflow.com, we run a bunch of quality checks. One of them is checking whether ...
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Should code be edited so that it is visible rather than being in one long line?

I agree with what cigien has said, but I want to focus on the concern of introducing errors while reformatting. I think that possibility is actually a significant risk, especially if you're doing ...
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