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Add a magic link to https://stackoverflow.com/editing-help

It's not quite as convenient as you want, but a little known feature is that you can use domain-relative links that start with a slash in your markdown. [markdown formatting documentation](/editing-...
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Can we please have a shortcut for "Do not post code or errors as images"?

Yes, but no. Let's stop fixing symptoms. It's great if you haven't given up on user education. But the priority should be on prevention, not cleaning up. SO could easily avoid most of these cases with ...
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Quick reference links to important SO pages

For the first one, How to ask a good question, you can simply do [ask]. There is also [tour] for the site tour, and [help] for the help center. If you want them to edit their question, you can do [...
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Add "magic link" for XY Problems

As Teemu points out, the current shortcuts are listed in the Markdown Editing Help. To request a new shortcut, ask a new feature-request question, but as Carpetsmoker says, this meta question would ...
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Magic link for Code of Conduct

I don't think this magic link is necessary. Instead of taking up moderator duty for posts/comments that violate the CoC, you should flag them. Moderators can take additional measures as they see fit, ...
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Short-link to FAQ topic

[ask] is the magic link to https://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask. For the full list of magic links, see this list in the editing help.
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Add "magic link" for XY Problems

I would say that, if we do that, we should create a help-center page that explains the XY problem. I don't like the idea of making shortcut links to Meta pages. And off-site resources should be ...
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The "edit" magic link behaves strangely when applied to answers

The edit link does not apply strangely when applied to answers, although it may apply differently than a high-rep user would expect. It's easy to forget what the site looks like to a user with lower ...
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Can we please have a shortcut for "Do not post code or errors as images"?

What's more expedient: Closing the question as "Needs debugging details", or Posting a link to an FAQ? If the end goal is to close the question so that the OP has a snowball's chance of ...
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Magic Link to Jon Skeet's "Stack Overflow Question Checklist"

No. Jon's page is excellent but is not a resource Stack Overflow controls or can reasonably require to be around forever. We already have the [ask] short-cut, which links to the How to Ask help page. ...
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Alias mvce to mcve

I haven't seen any evidence that we need this for any reason. The existing [mcve] shortcut works just fine, and I've only seen maybe one or two instances of [mvce] in comments across SO/SE sites. The ...
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Does anyone already use or have need of comment shortcuts userscript?

The AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE is what you're looking for, as indicated by suraj. You can maintain the collection of pre-baked comments off-site, in a GtiHub repo for example. The ...
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Markdown shortcut "magic link" to tag info [info:tagname]

I think [tag:tag-name] is mostly useless. I can't find a single use case scenario, where linking to list of questions on that tag helps anyone. It neither helps the askers nor the answerers. I propose ...
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Markdown shortcut "magic link" to tag info [info:tagname]

Nowhere near the full solution you are looking for, but you can get a link to the tag page, without typing, by hovering over the tag. The box that opens has a link to the info page in it like:
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Suggestion for distinguished link text of [help], [help/on-topic], [help/dont-ask], etc

Yes, please, this would help immensely. I'd propose the following syntax, resembling the usual links: [help/dont-ask] -> "What types of questions should I avoid asking?" … [in the help](help/dont-...
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