I would vote to close a question like that as too broad. I do not know of any other SE site for a question like that.


Your edits didn't really remove the requests for links to third party products, you just added additional questions. It's still read to me like it's asking for references to the same documents you were asking for before. Now the question is even worse, because not only is it asking multiple different questions, but the additional questions you've added ...


I say it depends. That kind of question can be very broad or quite specific. Suppose you see the question: I'm learning the Blub language, and I discovered feature X. It seems to me, though, that feature X is pretty much identical to feature Y, with the exception that it is inferior with respect to consideration Z. So why would you ever want to use ...


List questions, while often helpful and popular, have over time become considered off topic on Stack Overflow mainly because they tend to become stale, and can be a magnet for spam. It's a policy painful for many (including myself), but it's the current community policy and enforcing it is within the rules. An interesting site specializing on list ...


Yes, that type of question is still banned, as it is essentially asking for a list of recommendations. The purpose for banning these types of questions is that they inevitably attract spam answers. If you can imagine that the majority of answers to your question will end up being a link to a commercial product, then the question will probably be closed.


The key here is to avoid asking for a list. If you're willing to put in some extra effort, you could write code that uses feature X to solve a specific, well-defined, simple problem, and then post it on CodeReview, where specific best practices are on topic. If you're in the early stages of learning a language and can't see why having a specific feature is ...


Did you know you can limit your search to your own favorite questions? For example, when you are working on your Java project, you could search for: infavorites:mine [java]


You can! Use your browser's favorite / bookmarks bar, create the folders you need, and add the links there. You're asking for document / file management which is probably not the goal of the site, in addition, you're asking for something that maybe you will use but may bring little value to other users. The minute the development team introduces such ...

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