How to hide the left navigation sidebar Click your reputation on the top bar Click the Edit Profile & Settings tab Click Preferences under Site Settings Click the Hide left navigation checkbox Or just click here: https://stackoverflow.com/users/preferences/ Notes The instructions above only work if you're signed into an account. You can still get to ...


Under the settings for your profile you can find the option to hide it.


Because Stack Overflow Teams are private. For those who have Stack Overflow Teams, it seamlessly integrates into the left-hand menu sidebar along with Stack Overflow. When those who have Stack Overflow Teams post to Stack Overflow, they get a warning dialog indicating that their post is about to be made public, just in case they actually intended to post ...


For some reason they moved the right border of the sidebar (which was hidden when you hid the sidebar) over to the #content element as a border-left, instead. So here is the now requisite "You can revert this with a user style" solution: #left-sidebar { border-right: 1px solid #d6d9dc; } #content { border-left: none; } Or just use the #content style if ...


That is not an option on the "Home" tab. Click the "Stack Overflow" selection from the left navigation, and the unanswered option appears:


Keying off rene's comment, I assume "Stack Overflow" is there to differentiate those links from the Teams links (although I suspect that even if Teams is wildly successful, Teams users will be something like 0.01% of all users, and of course there are all those non-user-visitors). If so: Stack Overflow Home Questions Tags Users Jobs Teams + Create Team ...


The globe probably refers to something like "open to the whole world", as-in public, as opposed to Teams, which are restricted to specific (paying) individuals.


Posted an announcement on MSE and we'd like to have feedback go there. tl;dr Today we are releasing an early sneak peak of work that has been in progress for several months on Meta Stack Overflow and later this week on Meta Stack Exchange. The motivation for this work is covered in my post entitled Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, & themes,...


With the left-nav hidden, there is significant whitespace (shown in light-blue below) that creates an empty block where 2-questions used to fit, e.g. If the user chooses to hide the left-nav, then the interface should revert to the way it was before the addition of the left-nav with just the little 3-bar widget in the top-left corner. (rather than creating ...


As suggested in the comments by πάντα ῥεῖ, this is part of the design for teams. It's to help distinguish between what is private to a team, and public to the world.         


To add to @Mureinik's answer, the use of a globe to indicate (no) privacy is pretty well established. Here's Facebook's post privacy menu: In response to the suggestion of using a lock, that generally conveys "security", not privacy. It may seem like semantics, but it's different.


Some pages have the left nav collapsed by default. For example, the Teams product page. Generally these pages are non-standard pages that aren't a part of the core Q&A experience.


Fixed for sites that don't normally box in the content area: Why was a vertical line added on the left for users who collapse the left navigation? Can it please be removed?


You can also scroll down to the bottom of each page and select "Disable Responsiveness". This will also remove the left part.


Completely normal, the code is performing well. The results box is bigger than the search box: The problem exists with both, left navigation enabled or disabled. It could be easily solved by defining a new width or margin in any of the two divs. Or by removing that "margin-left: -24px" in <div class="flush-left js-search-results">


I suspect what's triggering this perception isn't the sidebar so much as it is the top bar... The old top bar on Stack Overflow - as well as all the other sites - was fixed at the same width as the content. Here's a screenshot taken from Archive.org's capture on March 10th, rendered in a maximized window on my main monitor: Two observations: there's TONS ...

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