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The Late Answers review queue is a review queue for answers by new users to old questions.

The Late Answers queue is a review queue for answers to old questions, posted by new users.

For an answer to be added to the Late Answers queue, it must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The answerer must have between 1 and 50 reputation points (inclusive) at the time of posting.

  • The answer must be posted at least 30 days later than the question.

The purpose of the queue is to give some exposure to answers by new users. For example, the existing answers to an old question may be outdated. A new user posting a more up-to-date answer gets some extra exposure via this queue.

Originally, the queue was for late answers posted by users who had less than 10 points. These where considered "new users" for this queue. (Note that at 10 points, the "remove new user restrictions" privilege is earned; hence one is no longer a "new user" at 10 or more points).

However, there are users who have not yet earned the "comment everywhere" privilege (50 rep), who use answers to post comments. By letting answers from users between 11-50 points in the queue, these non-answers also get a few extra eyes on them, and can be deleted faster.

In the queue, the full range of options is available to a reviewer: upvote, downvote, flag, comment, edit.
Like most review queues, it has audits. The audits are selected from posts that have been heavily upvoted, heavily downvoted, or been removed.


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