Yes. Head over to your user profile and select preferences, you can enable them from there. Alternatively, you can jump straight there.(Thanks Pokechu22) Once enabled, you can use ? to bring up the help menu Of course, the help is context aware too, so you get different options for different pages.


This happens when you use keyboard shortcuts to select content. For example, to select the current question, I can press u This only happens when you have keyboard shortcuts enabled.


It does also happen with answers, that you selected with J or K, while keyboard shortcuts are enabled, as Joe pointed out.


You've selected the answer with keyboard shortcuts: Nothing to worry about. If you want, you can disable these shortcuts in your preferences. (the settings are site-specific)


I had installed RobW's script to disable the hotkeys in the SO editor, but it does not work anymore. Here is a different script that disables specific keys for all elements in the document. I have put the 4 emacs bindings that are overridden by the SO editor (WMD), but other shortcuts should be added for MacOS users with muscle memory. I got the idea from ...


You had keyboard shortcuts enabled in your profile Pressing r will activate the achievements popup you saw. There are a lot more shortcuts available. Once enabled, then press ? on every page and try them out.


This would be good, except for the danger of accidentally using this keybind while typing. Maybe you meant to hit shift+| but missed with both hands and got ctrl+enter. Or accidentally lean on ctrl, or your cat does? I don't think that's happened to me, but it seems plausible enough, and the downside large enough, to not do this for posts, only edits. A ...


There is a stackapps extension to have Alt+K do <kbd> marking:


When hovering over the buttons in the editor, the tooltip will also contain the keyboard shortcut: There is no shortcut for <kbd>, as it is not generally useful (and too easy to abuse). It is a rather rare thing to need.


We already support keyboard shortcuts. Just enable them in your preferences, then press S to jump to the search box. For more information on this feature, see the keyboard-shortcuts tag wiki page.


I don't use Twitter (shock! no way!) but I'd guess the reason why they use Ctrl+Enter is because Enter is a valid input as part of the message - which it isn't here in Stack Exchange comments. So what you're asking for is to remove a feature that works perfectly fine and replace it with a different key sequence simply because some other site does it. You ...


This has been fixed and will be pushed out in rev 3799 on meta and 2916 on stack overflow.


Several keyboard shortcuts comprise of a combination of keys, like voting (V, then U to vote up, or V, then D to vote down). If auto help is enabled, then when you hit the first key of such a combo, you are shown just-in-time help to tell you what options you have available from that point. This applies to any of the options with a ... after them. Auto-...


The AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE is what you're looking for, as indicated by suraj. You can maintain the collection of pre-baked comments off-site, in a GtiHub repo for example. The SOCVR chat room does exactly that with their autocomments repository. Feel free to submit PR's or hop in the room if you want to discuss suggestions first. ...


You have keyboard commands turned on, and that highlighting indicates the currently selected post for further commands with your keyboard. Pressing the U key selects the question, so you must have hit it at some point when you weren't inside an input field.


According to Glen Murphy, Design Director, Google Chrome It's there for backwards compatibility with the search shortcut in previous browsers. The question mark is a way to force a search (for cases where your query looks a lot like a URL). The Stack Overflow CTRL + K shortcut works in Chrome if you are editing a post. Otherwise, it is going to ...


This is already implemented. Go to your profile and check the checkbox in your preferences at Edit Profile & Settings > Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts > Enable keyboard shortcuts (when enabled, press ? for help). In question lists, the J and K then navigate between the questions:


You could use a userscript to do that. I created one for you which will give Ctrl+K on Stack Overflow the behavior that you are used to: Cut from cursor to end of line (to clipboard, if allowed by browser). Install Tampermonkey for your browser Click the Tampermonkey icon in the toolbar and select "Create new script" Paste the script below Click the save ...


You can use Tab to cycle forward through elements, Shift + Tab to cycle backwards through elements, and hit Return to simulate a click of an element. This will allow you to favorite a question without the use of the mouse.


Fix is rolling out with build 2015.1.30.3034 on meta and 2015.1.30.2257 on sites. All it took was the removal of the .no-esc-remove class from the popup's lightbox - which actually only started to behave correctly after the batch of fixes concerning the stacking of popups we can have due to the markdown editor & rejection reason popup inside the ...


Those (c, m, u) are keyboard shortcuts. You need to enable this in your profile for every site; if you enable it on the 'main' Stack Overflow, it isn't automatically enabled for Meta Stack Overflow. The grey box is to indicate clearly which post you are commenting (i.e. on the question, not on the answer). The extra box for the Inbox and Achievements is to ...


but then I'll have to manually close the box Or you can press Esc to close the box. I'm sure there are scenarios where copying the link shouldn't close the popup. It's not exactly something a user would expect: bug "I copied the link, but the box closed?!"


The shortcut for <kbd> tag is not directly available yet. But as Anthon suggested, you can download and install the stackapps extension to enable this shortcut. You can hover over the buttons in the editor to discover their respective keyboard shortcuts. However, there are also other shortcuts outside the editor. Please check them out if you want: ...

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