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Jobs is part of and hosted under the same domain as Stack Overflow. The jobs home page link can be found in the left sidebar, but you've hidden it.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and I'm sorry about the experience you had. The best thing to do in scenarios like this is to report the listing or the company so our team can investigate. You can report specific job listings as follows: We investigate every one of these reports to ensure that our customers follow our policy & guidelines ...


I ran down the list of possibilities on how this could have happened, even taking into consideration possible glitches on our side. Long story short, you almost certainly provided it without noticing, possibly through autofill? I looked at a possible edge case of what happens when users in an organization are invited to join a team when a company signs up ...


Contact our support team and they'll be happy to look into this for you. Make sure to select "I need help with Stack Overflow Jobs" from the dropdown.


Beyond the fact of ad blockers, which are always playing cat and mouse with revenue providers anyway, Stack Exchange has a broad range of sites to distribute all their third party interests to. The privacy policy has an above par clause of not sharing user data with third parties that don't share the same privacy policy, not just trusting they have their own....


Company names now appear as links in the PDF if a company website has been provided in the dev story editor: =>


We updated some libraries and ended up with some conflicts in production that weren't visible in our integration test suite. A fresh deployment is up, and things should be stable again. Apologies for the inconvenience.


It's Canadian Dollars. There's now a tooltip with the currency description, as Adelin suggested in his answer.


Tom suggests in the comments it is the Canadian Dollar. Since displaying other currencies is a possibility, I'd implement an on-hover feature that describes in words the currency, to avoid confusion, something like:


Thanks for the bug report! We've given the Messages page a lick of paint and fixed the mobile layout bugs. I'm very sorry for taking so long to address this. The code for the Messages page is not great - one of those situations where fixing one bug causes two more somewhere else. Accordingly it took a long time to make sure everything was stable, even for a ...


You are making/uploading a resume while applying for a position, the checkbox asks if you'd like that same resume to be searchable, so that other potential employers may contact you if they feel like your resume is a good fit with their positions.

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