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This was caused by simple human error (much like the much larger human error in which I never actually marked this resolved 6 months ago). Job listings can link externally for an application link instead of hosting the applications on site. This is clearly marked for jobs viewers as external application buttons will all have an icon indicating that it is a ...


Thanks for the report! I marked this post as declined simply because I can't commit to resolving this. Technically this is by-design (not good design, but that's how it's always worked AFAIK), but I agree it can be a hassle so I've submitted it as a bug so at least it's being tracked.


Thanks for reporting this! The Jobs sticky header is pushed down 50px to make room for the site-wide sticky header. I had no idea it was possible to un-stick that header in the settings! I've updated the code so the Jobs header is only pushed down when the global header is sticky.


When editing your Developer Story (e.g. your front piece for Jobs), at the very top section of it you can specify your Display name and Full name, as shown below: As indicated in the info block beneath these, your Display name is only used for the public Q&A site, while your Full name is what is shown to employers on our Talent system (while it does say ...

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