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Your job status is currently set to "open, but not actively looking" which means you are eligible to appear in the Jobs search database for employers seeking specific skill sets and can be contacted by them. If you no longer wish to appear in that database and don't want to be contacted, you need to change that to "not interested in jobs" in your jobs ...


Note: I'm a developer on the team that works on the Jobs product. As several people concluded, we were running an A/B tests of 8 different variants of the navigation title to see if it impacted the number of people navigating to and utilizing our job search tools. The variants were: Jobs (baseline) Find a Job Browse Jobs Developer Jobs Job Board Job ...


Edit/Note: I'm a developer on the team at Stack Overflow that works on this part of the product. For your first question: Is there a button to go to saved jobs or favorites, with less than four entries? Currently, there is not a button or link to load the search results view with your favorite jobs if you have less than five. (Though, the URL of the ...


There is no API support. (Here's the cross site duplicate on Stack Apps.) But the RSS feed, as mentioned on MetaSE, still works.

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