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Thank you very much for reporting this. We'd intended to hide one of the options in the nav bar at the top but accidentally hid the whole thing! Should be back now.


Not yet! If you check out my post here: Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits you’ll see that Jobs is excluded from the Beta but we’re definitely working on it. Sorry about the delay but I’m glad you’re enjoying dark mode in general.


This is by design. At the moment we don't have any plans to change that functionality but I've updated the question with the feedback tag which gets periodically reviewed.


Picking up on @Juice's answer, this was the exact same save for me as well so I created a TamperMonkey script to better highlight the "You might be interested in these jobs" section. I can now see it from a mile away. The script: // ==UserScript== // @name StackOverflow jobs splitter highlight // @match* // @...


If you go to your email settings you can change the email address used for jobs. If you change them to the same value then they'll remain in sync.


We've fixed this issue by performing a merge on the Jobs end of the system. When accounts are merged on the public Q&A side of things, there's supposed to be merges that occur on the Jobs end as well. If it doesn't occur, then you end up in this state where you'll receive inbox items from a Jobs account that thinks it isn't actually linked to your Q&...


There is a limit of two, which will now be shown above the input field. Previously, it was shown in the placeholder which was hidden when you selected a value.

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