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From what I can see, those that do not have the "express interest" buttons are jobs that are not actually posted on Stack Overflow Jobs but on an external site and then syndicated here. See how the "Apply Now" button has an icon to show that the application process would take you off-site: As opposed to those that were posted directly to Jobs, and thus ...


Finally I found the secret way to view the Job application history: Go to job section of In desktop version, on to right of window, there is an envelope (message) icon besides of the gear(settings) icon. It is your inbox and all actions goes here! In inbox section, change the filter to "sent" items and you can find your sent applications ...


There's a short but helpful FAQ article which solved a similar sounding problem for me recently (split accounts) where a merge was the solution. When you fill the support form there is a readymade selection in the category dropdown: "I need to merge user profiles". As long as you have sufficient evidence (e.g. same e-mail registered with both accounts) the ...


Take a look here:


This appears to have been fixed: It looks like it was just caused by a rogue Jobs banner with a low z-index. As you can see, the blue button in your screenshot is the same as the blue button in mine, so the banner was fixed. IMO, the banner still seems a bit clunky - it has a weird open/close animation that doesn't quite go along with the rest of the page.

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