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I don't think that this is [generally] confusing. Naturally, no interface will be clear to everyone, but I think on balance this is working as it should. You previously uploaded a CV, and asked to save it for future applications. That's the one you're seeing "by default". Then you uploaded a new CV, and didn't ask to save it for future applications:...


I'll start with a free review of their research software and implementation of this survey, which, for a research institute, is hilarious: Yes, let's ask for a year of birth, and on the next page, for an age. For a user born in 2000, it's terribly important to know whether they're 19 or 20. (Mumbles obvious control question) When a page contains one input ...


We have updated the UI on both the activity and dev story pages. This UI has been updated to reflect the UI on the actual /jobs page. Not only does this fix the bug that you have logged, but it is an attempt to create a more consistent experience and easier browsing. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention and let me know if you have any questions :)...


Ah, looks like we missed this one when converting to dark mode. I've got a pull request to make sure these colors are getting translated correctly. Probably won't get merged and deployed until next week. Pay no mind to the downvotes. This is a real bug that was worth filing. Thanks!


Looks like it changed. It's now under Edit Profile and Settings Got to SO Profile : Click on your photo (upper right) Click on Edit profile and settings (below search bar at top of page) Scroll to near the end for Resume. And near the bottom of that section:

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