What's the point of this survey? Why are you doing racial profiling? What does it mean to be "Hispanic or Latino". What does it have to do with blockchain or programming at all? It just seems to me like you are trying to gather personal information on users and "the blockchain question" is just an excuse to gather sensitive information. ...


When I opened the survey, the first question I was asked was what age range I fell within. I answered (between 20 and 24), and immediately I was thanked for responding to the survey and I was surprised as I had apparently reached the end. Is this intentional? Does that age group represent an audience you're not interested in surveying further?


Your country list, which includes "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", is at least two years out of date. I didn't check for further errors.


What hot topic or industry trend would you like to see us make a short 2-4 question survey about? Uh... none. Has this turned into a social media site where we need to follow the new trends in the programming industry? Maybe I'm just overthinking it, but what use does this actually provide to Stack Overflow? We just help programmers out. So then what does ...


We had a low-level issue affecting one of our web servers that was causing some users trying to access the page to receive 500 errors. The issue has since been addressed and we're still looking into the root cause. Sorry for any inconvenience and please let us know if you experience any additional issues!


OP here. Like one of the comments above, it was failing for me all day yesterday, and is now working today from the same location/browser/OS. Thanks to whomever fixed whatever was wrong. Looks like I wasn't the only one seeing it, but that it was scattered.


This has now been fixed. Footer links on insights.stackoverflow.com should now all point to the right place.

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