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11 votes

Edit Tags Feature Broken - Can't Save

This is fixed. The tag editor was annotated <div class="form-item p0">, where .form-item gave the element padding, and .p0 took it away, so someone doing a cleanup pass stripped both out. ...
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8 votes

Inline tag edit design inconsistency

Now reads: "Edit tags". Yes, still with the annoying capitalization and coloring, but without the wording ambiguity!
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6 votes

Inline tag edit design inconsistency

I agree wholeheartedly with this. Its more visible/recognizable to me than the tags themselves. Also I could go in to debating Edit vs edit.
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4 votes

Edit tags not working and comment flag icon missing in Mobile

These should both be fixed now. From what I understand, we've removed all of the special casing for mobile devices and so there should be generally the same experience on both desktop and mobile view. ...
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