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Okay, this url search functionality needs to be fed with an url in double quotes. Normally you use the url: search directive to find specific urls in a post. You would use it like so: url:"" Leaving out the " at the start and end of the URL you're looking for will result in no hits. This also works on the network-...


Using Stack Exchange's API is probably one of the more reliable ways to find the post in which the image is linked, provided you also know the site. Select the site, then input the filename.ext enclosed with * (for wildcard) in the url text field and Run the query. Then click either the question_id (if the image is on the question), or answer_id (if the ...


That second image url you mentioned does return a result when you just Google it: The first one ( doesn't return any results other than this question, which leads me to believe the original question / answer was deleted.

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