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User profile edited by moderators - some questions

I was the moderator who removed it. I discussed it with some other moderators before doing so. My apologies if what I sent you wasn't clear. The problem there is what we call graphic content. A good ...
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How was a new user under 10 reputation able to post an inline image?

In the editor, new users will be able to post images (since previously they would just end up posting links to images, which is less helpful)... I understand that assumption allowing this is that it ...
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How can I post a question that doesn't cross the text limit but has an image that explains things better?

The guidance is to use images sparingly. As in, only when you know you can't avoid them. The reasons are straightforward: If someone puts their code in a picture (which is almost always what happens)...
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How was a new user under 10 reputation able to post an inline image?

The Stacks Editor as used in the Ask Wizard now abides with the same rules and basic workflow as the regular editor when it comes to new users (< 10 rep) posting images: New users can upload ...
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When is it OK to upload images of code/data/errors?

Images can and should be used to show information that cannot be conveyed with text. For example, when you have text that appears blurred or mangled in your program, it would be of no use to paste the ...
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User profile edited by moderators - some questions

It's probably because the photo could be argued to evoke a strong emotional trigger, depending on how much of the son was in the picture. Note: the link I'm using is the general guideline that is ...
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How to prevent users from posting images instead code

Why doesn't SO make it harder for users to use images? For example, SO could only allow external links as images; a user would then need to upload their image in an other site Because images can be ...
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Images as overlay

Images can be inlined in posts: The syntax for this is to put an exclamation mark (!) before an ordinary Markdown link: ![]( This ...
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Images cannot be resized in Stack Overflow for Teams

Floern's comment is correct about why single-letter URL size-changing options that work on our public sites aren't available on Teams – Teams does not use Imgur. To specify dimensions on Teams, use ...
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Images as overlay

There's a userscript that accomplishes what you appear to be after, written by @Samuel Liew, called Lightbox Images. As the name implies, it lightboxes (most) images on click, and then closes the ...
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Do Stack Overflow Teams sites support GIFs in questions and answers?

Unfortunately, at this time SOE does not support the upload and storage of animated GIFs within its internal system and there are no known plans to implement it as of yet. A way that you can use an ...
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Badges in the "Vote Up" privilege page in the help center are images

This is no longer an issue because the badges are referred to by text only now:
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