You're using the large image modifier by appending an l to the end of the image ID in your path: https://i.stack.imgur.com/c81Vkl.gif ^ Imgur only supports animations on the original image. If you use one of the image size modifications, the animation is removed completely. Removing that modifier displays the original image ...


If you are adding output of a command or something that can be pasted into the answer as text you should be doing that instead of including a picture of the text. Including text in a post is better than a screen shot for several reasons. Some users are on networks that block imgur rendering the image useless to them If the user is using a screen reader they ...


[![enter image description here][1]][1] makes the image a link to itself. This makes it easy to simply click on it to open the image itself (useful for large images that appear small in the post). I don't see any reason at all to prefer ![enter image description here][1] over it - what benefit is there from losing this convenience? As for posts without the !...


Fixed now. This was a fun one. Long story short: It wasn't Microsoft's fault, it was ours. If you're curious about the dirty details, here goes: The ad is loaded in a IFRAME. The ad provider needs to communicate between the main page and the IFRAME, which means cross-origin communication. Since IE8 we've had the postMessage API to do that sort of thing, but ...


Your posts weren't deleted only because of images. Since you didn't call out which questions you are asking about specifically, I've selected a few that I think you are referring to: Post 1. This was deleted by you after a user posted a comment stating that it wasn't attributed. A few things about this answer you should know. First, it's a bad answer. ...


First of all, I'm assuming the block on imgur's domain also includes their related IP addresses. I can't confirm this, as I'm not behind some kind of firewall. This means a simple DNS setting that points an url like images.stackoverflow.com to a imgur IP would be ineffective, as those images would still be blocked based on the resolved IP. As a result, ...


Excel sends various representation of the copied content into the clipboard; the client decides which one it wants to use when pasting - here the client is a textbox in your browser, and it's apparently happy to treat the content as an image: Copy your Excel source and instead of Ctrl+V to paste as an image, right-click and select Paste as plain text (or ...


I've found what could be a consistent cause. I was testing with answering a question and inserting an image: Fails with a Microsoft ad in the sidebar bar: Refresh a page enough times until you don't see an ad in the sidebar and it seems to work. Reproduced in this scenario a few times now. If you load a non-Microsoft tagged post to get a different ad, it ...


As @yivi says in their comment: I don't believe we'd gain anything by making inserting images in comments easier. It's not something that we need to encourage. If this were a feature that is likely to improve the quality of the content that gets posted, it's fair to ask that the process be made as smooth as possible. It isn't, though. Images in ...


Without disagreeing with anything that @JoeW has written, there are occasions where including an image in addition to the raw text could be useful. It's limited to things like discussing syntax highlighting, etc that can't easily be represented as text. (Theoretically you could use a snippet and use html/css to create a text block with arbitrary colors ...


This seems to be a change specific to the new question wizard. I can still upload images as before. If the new question wizard disallows image uploads, I think this is likely intentional, and a great change. Rarely do questions ever require images. I think in my 4 years here and 100+ questions asked, I've only needed an image once, if that. The vast ...


This should be working now in both Chrome and Firefox: once the upload dialog is visible, just paste the image URL and you'll be prompted to upload it: This still isn't entirely discoverable - that'll come next, see: Can't upload image from URL anymore Also, it doesn't work at all in IE 11.


This has been asked a number of times on meta SE. The one with an "Answer": Failed to upload an image, "An error occurred at imgur" In this particular discussion "Rob" (a person from SE) says that the problem is with an outside service (imgur) and that SE is "encouraging" the service to fix the problem as quickly as possible.


Ok, I downloaded Opera 56.0.3051.70 - not quite the same version you're using, but pretty close. This is running on Windows 10: I was able to paste an image into both the upload pane itself, and trigger the upload pane with pre-populated image by pasting into the editor.


The additional brackets make the image itself a clickable link to take you to a page containing the full resolution version of the image. Try to mouse over the images. For example: image auto inserted with the full [![Screenshot][1]][1] syntax. Same but with the outer brackets removed: ![Screenshot][1]


You're changing the imgur subdomain in that link. I'm pretty sure imgur just discards invalid subdomains, and there happens to be an image with the same ID on imgur.com: Link: https://imgur.com/M4EP3.jpg Image:


This is new UI, in guided mode and if you noticed, there is "Use traditional mode", which bring you back to old way when you click it. The Ask Question Wizard


The option is available in the final, "Review", step: In fact the review step (which does not require going through the previous steps) is essentially a copy of the regular ask page.


This is not something under our control - your anti-virus (McAfee) is blocking items from our CDN, meaning the image dialog is broken. You need to allow access to the CDN - or disable your anti-virus (even momentarily) in order to upload images.

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