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How do I get the number of people ignoring a tag?

This isn't public information, at least as far as I'm aware. However... It is useful. So with that in mind, here are the tags being ignored by 50 or more users: Ignoring Tag --...
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Questions page spends 6 seconds "Scripting"

Thanks for calling this to our attention. This was due to the client-side post-processing (highlighting, hiding, etc) that we do on the results. Since you're asking from the context of Stack Overflow,...
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19 votes

Why are ignored questions even showing?

This is already available. Click on "edit" next to Favorite Tags on the right side of main page. Under the Ignore Tags section, there should be a toggle option to grey out the questions or hide them. ...
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"Ignore tag" button is missing as of today

This is by design per this Meta SE announcement: Upcoming sign-up experiments related to tags Experiment 2: Updating the tag hover We will be running an A/B/C test when users hover over tags. We ...
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When so many questions are hidden because of ignored tags

Design is always a trade-off. Here the trade-off is between UX and performance (which of course has an impact on UX...) Ignored tags are processed client-side, as is briefly mentioned in the FAQ, for ...
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Why am I seeing so many Staging Ground questions with ignored tags?

To answer your question - this was not on purpose! As far as I can tell, we mistakenly did not respect a user's ignored tags when showing Staging Ground posts on the questions page. I've implemented a ...
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SO Jobs recommends positions related to your ignored tags

This is not a bug; it's by design. Ignored tags are related to the Q&A part of the site and have nothing to do with jobs or ads related to jobs. If you want to change the behaviour of jobs you ...
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What is causing this display quirk on [Delphi] questions?

I can just see from the extreme right of your screenshot that database is in your list of ignored tags but delphi is in your list of watched tags. That question has both tags so it's listed because ...
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4 votes

There seems to be a problem with wildcards in watched/ignored tags

My bad - I switched the Watch/Ignore code to use a different tag input sanitization method that supported synonyms and claimed that it supported wildcards, but in fact did not. :) That's fixed now, ...
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New CSS class on landing page exposes tag regex issue

This has been fixed. This was caused by an overzealous regex replacing * with .+, causing elements with a class attribute like t-tagname js-whatever to be matched. The fix was to change the regex to ...
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Wildcards in ignored tags are not working

I can't reproduce this anymore, so it looks like the issue got fixed at some point.
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Show ignored questions on hover

I would personally find this very irritating. Even though I seldom look at question tags these days, when I do, having those questions which are ignored appear lesser is a huge plus for me since I'm ...
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