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Where did the "Share" link go?

Apparently my adblocker (uBlock on Chrome) is triggering on the ​js-share-link class that is present on the sharelink. I don't know if the class is new, or the adblocker rule is new, but whitelisting ...
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Where do I find the link to my Stack Overflow profile?

Clicking on your username or image will lead you to your profile. Then just copy the content of the address bar. Alternatively, you could also right-click your username and chose 'Copy Link'. The ...
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Text fragment link is not rendering correctly

The reason this particular link breaks markdown so much is because of the unescaped ")". This is effectively ending the URL parsing. The standard markdown for links looks like: [display text]...
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Why does the URL for questions on Teams not include the title slug?

You are correct. This is to prevent leaking sensitive information via URL. It is highly likely that question titles and tags will contain enough sensitive information such that leaking a database of ...
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Ensuring the validity of links over time

I was wondering how we could also encourage both askers and answerers to provide a permanent version of their link when it exists. I don't think that is feasible, for the simple reason that it has to ...
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How can I use a composite tag in an answer?

AFAIK, as of November 2, 2022, such feature doesn't exist in Stack Overflow. The workaround is to add the hyperlink manually. HTML <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/duration+...
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Link with round brackets looks good in preview, but broken after submitting

This appears to have been resolved. However, I've updated to deferred vs completed since our team will be taking some time in the future to test and confirm that is indeed the case.
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