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For questions about the former Help and Improvement review queue, which was intended to help new users learn the ropes. This queue was retired in 2021.

For questions about Help and Improvement, a former review queue specific to Stack Overflow that was intended to allow new users to learn the ropes by getting feedback on how their questions can be improved.

Questions came into Help and Improvement when they got three "Requires Editing" reviews in the Triage review queue. Once in Help and Improvement, reviewers had two options: "Edit" or "Skip".

"Edit" should have been chosen when the reviewer understands the question well enough to edit it to make it clear and answerable. "Skip" should have been chosen if the reviewer didn't understand the question enough to edit it, or did not wish to review it for any other reasons.

For more information, see this post.

The Help and improvement review queue was turned off in 2021:

H&I has been our least productive queue. Over the last 90 days, only 9 tasks went into the queue each day on average, compared with 2,215 for First Posts (our busiest queue) and 188 for Reopen Votes (our second-to-last busiest). Consequently, this queue will be turned off. It will remain in the listing until its current items are exhausted, and will then be removed. History for and badges awarded from this queue will remain as they are.

-- Review queue workflows - Final release