Nope. By now, you should (hopefully) be experienced enough to know if you're reviewing correctly or not. If you're not sure, you may want to spend some more time reviewing Suggested Edits and pressing the back button in your browser to see what other users are doing after you're done reviewing (which is what I do). Also, I recommend not reviewing in the H&...


There is no way to do that now (unless you are looking at posts in the "Triage" queue which directly sends posts to the H&I queue on the famous "Requires Editing" action). So either spend extra minute to edit the post or just let it be. If you really feel the need to change the post - write a comment explaining the suggested edit or follow/favorite the ...


If you feel a question needs other actions taken than what the review queue you're in offers in its interface, you can click on the question title to open the question in the normal Q&A interface. From there, you can use the usual flag/close links to assign a close reason. In the meantime, the question has been closed as off-topic.

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