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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

You haven't defended your claim MCVE is an awkward name. The full title is long, and the initialism is... Also long. No, it isn't. MCVE is incredibly short. The full title isn't short, but it's ...
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Can we have an official statement regarding greetings, salutations etc. please?

This already exists in the Help Center: What kind of behavior is expected of users? Do not use signature, taglines, or greetings. Every post you make is already “signed” with your standard user card, ...
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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

Min-reprex will further confuse non-English users We already deal with welcome broken English as it is. Let's not break it more intentionally. We already have an ecosystem for MCVE In addition to the ...
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What if I see someone, like Nick Craver, doing something bad?

Here's a couple of gems, from this brief and gloriously underappreciated moment, preserved for posterity: From chat: With credit to Sasha for the capture...
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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

In addition to everyone else's objections -- all of which I agree with -- if you google "reprex" you get a bunch of stuff about a specific R package and its Python analogue. This will almost ...
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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

"Min-Reprex" is awkward. TemporalWolf's comment had a clearer name suggestion: "Min-Repro". Simply visualize the title of this Meta question being: Min-Repro: a less awkward name for MCVE And ...
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MCVExit redux: I don't need a milkshake to know when I've missed the mark

Thank you for changing the change! It looks way better, way saner, and there's an impression of words on meta being more than just dust in the wind. I know this probably seems like... A thing of ...
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What if I see someone, like Nick Craver, doing something bad?

So I refactored the logging of the mass rebake route for HTTPS-ing help center articles and I moved a critical variable. The one that says which site to get the article from. Good news: logging is ...
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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

And we immediate ran into an unfortunately familiar problem: MCVE is an awkward name. Says who? This is the first time I see anyone make such a remark. Seems to me you came up with a solution for a ...
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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

The original new version contained "MVCE" along with "MCVE", which I thought was reasonable to help readers seeing the old name find it via google. Apparently this was a mistake. So you're unhappy ...
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MCVExit redux: I don't need a milkshake to know when I've missed the mark

Can we also have [mvce] as a synonym? I can never tell a Minimal, Verifiable and Complete Example apart from a Minimal, Complete and Verifiable Example. I don't think we have any confusion with "...
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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

No. What. Why. Why. Why? Of all the things that are a problem on Stack Overflow, of all the things that need fixing, of all the things that could be fixed... You chose the one that is literally the ...
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"What to do when someone answers" - Don't be a chameleon, don't be a vandal

I agree with this request. I'd like to add that the vandalism / edits can easily be reverted: Just roll back the post. Behaviour like that is not accepted on SO. Chameleon posts are a little more ...
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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

(On screen we see two question marks and their dog leisurely walking over a meadow in sunshine) If you have a question, Reprex may be right for you. Side effects of Reprex are uncommon, and ...
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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

There need not be any other name for MCVE. The thing about MCVE is that it is an initialism not used for any other purposes, so first occurrences of mcve in anywhere in comments, meta posts and alike ...
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"How do I ask a good question" page needs explicit statement "Don't repost your questions"

I agree with this, and I think the best place to address it is the closed-question notice (though it might be good to note it on the How to Ask page). In many cases, questions are closed due to ...
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Improve the MCVE description: say a MCVE should "do exactly one thing"

Your heart's in the right place, but I think the suggestion misses the mark. Just as "minimal" is often misinterpreted, so too can "do exactly one thing". People who are inclined to just dump code ...
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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

This entire effort seems to me to be misguided. The problem isn't that MCVE is too wordy or otherwise unknown to new users. The problem is that people commenting about it aren't being specific or ...
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Does the recent blog post on being less hostile contradict "How to Answer"'s advice on not answering bad questions?

I believe the blog post may be trying to differentiate between choosing not to answer bad questions and users castigating users who choose to do so. That is, the blog post does not contradict the ...
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Why are the editor keyboard shortcuts not documented?

To attempt to "answer" the question: The most likely explanation is: they forgot And since that keyboard overlay it seems they implemented the overlay feature, but they haven't added the ...
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What is the true intention in the "How to reference material written by others" article in the Help Centre?

I've updated the Help center article in a few ways: I've made it clear that this list is an example and not exhaustive by adding "e.g." at the start of the parenthetical. I've removed the &...
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Can we please get the "How to create an MCVE" help page updated, to state that a link to a GitHub project is generally NOT an acceptable MCVE?

Big yes on updating the page to say not to do it. Suggest shorter, direct sentences with bullet points and boldface. For instance, just before the Minimal: Do Do include your MCVE in the ...
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Should "me too" posts with additional research details be considered partial answers?

No, "me too" answers with additional details are not answers (even partial). An answer needs to actually solve at least part of the OP's problem to be considered an answer. The consensus in ...
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Feature proposal: Easy linking to MDN documentation (and maybe other quality sources)

It's a thoughtful proposal, but I'm pretty indifferent. The value gained, it seems to me, is just a few seconds saved per added MDN link. (Or Python docs link, or Microsoft docs link, or whatever, if ...
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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

The question as asked looks like a textbook example of an XY problem. The actual problem you are facing is "How to integrate MCVE into the Question Wizard?" So ask that! It's possible that the ...
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Is asking the community to find (not recommend) an off-site resource allowed?

Without a recommendation it would have to be a specific off-site resource and the answer would simply be a single link. Like for example: "Q: Where can I find the official Python documentation, ...
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"Burninate" footnote in MCVE page

The text should be removed: that footnote doesn't really improve or make that article any better. It exists to serve exactly one purpose: letting you search for MCVE or MVCE to find that page.
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"What to do when someone answers" - Don't be a chameleon, don't be a vandal

The text added to the Help Center article should read: Please do not change your question after you have gotten an answer. Improvements such as grammar and formatting corrections are fine but your ...

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