There are events recorded for those profiles on June 9, 2020 that the profile picture was switched to an Identicon, likely caused by this since-fixed bug. The solution here is to go to one of those profiles and manually switch them back to using Gravatar instead of Identicon and save the change across the network, but that currently doesn't work either. So, ...


Your gravatar image is based off a legacy per-site email field that you can’t change. Nor can moderators, unfortunately. See this post on Meta.SE: This is a vestigial field; it's still used for unregistered users, Gravatar, and maybe a few other things I forget... But it's no longer directly editable except on Area51. You can contact support to request ...


Anything that can be used to identify a user is stripped from the data dump. Obviously, this includes hashed emails, as they're basically unique Ids you can use. If what you want is to generate the user's actual identicon from the data dump, there is simply no way.

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