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What does "this comment kills the grace period" mean?

Some folks are concerned that a spammer might edit out his spam during the 5-minute editing "grace period" after the post's creation, thus ensuring that it wouldn't appear as spam to future viewers (...
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Very inappropriate titled question edited and avoided moderator intervention

The entire purpose of the grace period is to allow authors to see their post in the wild, immediately realize that they've made a terrible mistake, and correct it without penalty. So... This is ...
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How should I deal with claims that my answer is plagiarism of another?

As meagar has stated, if someone is using an edit to accuse a competing answer of plagiarism, that's inappropriate and the edit should be rolled back. As Andy has stated, if someone is intrusively ...
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New breed of spam?

Good news: we do now have such a defense! Users lacking the remove new user restrictions can no longer make edits that don't create a revision in the post history. This will greatly aid in detection ...
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Does the dupe-hammer break the grace period?

As Tiny noted, comments only end the grace period if they're visible when the next revision is submitted. Since the duplicate comment is instantly deleted when the vote is binding, closing as a ...
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Is it possible for a question to be changed without any indication of an edit?

Yup. The question was edited within minutes of being posted, thus disappearing into the grace period; the original revision lasted long enough for the answerers to see it and compose their answers, ...
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Closure should end the grace period for edits

This has been implemented; I can turn it on at some point after the next build (so whenever the number bottom-left says something higher than rev 2017.3.29.25552) Update: Enabled everywhere as of ...
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Allow flags to interrupt edit grace periods

Yes, flagging a post should definitely end its edit grace period, just like commenting on it does. This feature request is being floated as an alternative to Give moderators the ability to see ninja ...
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Recurring problem with copy pasting

I've reviewed all the cases mentioned here, and all of the flags that have resulted. Due to the absence of a few moderators, and an ongoing purge of voting rings, the queue of custom flags has built ...
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How I can manually award bounty to non-own answer? I don't see this link

You can't. View the bounty on your question like you would a payment for an ad in the newspaper - you pay for the increased attention, but success is not guaranteed.
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Edits which only change the edit summary should be accepted during grace period

As a workaround, if you can manage two additional edits within the grace period: Click [edit], make your necessary changes to the Edit Summary, add a . to the end of the post (or anything else that's ...
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Prevent third-party edits during the grace period

I see a couple of issues with this particular suggestion. First, not everyone uses the grace period to review their posts. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that most users don't even know about ...
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Inconsistent reminder for bounty grace period and expirations

If the system can't email users when the grace period starts, the grace period could be increased to two days, so that users have one and a bit days from when they get the email to accept a bounty. ...
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Will an edit during the grace period update the original creation timestamp?

No, every revision to a post, including its original version is saved in the timeline for that answer. Also, re-editing a revision before the 5-minute mark preserves the original timeline; otherwise, ...
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Make self-rollbacks trigger "edit removed during grace period"

I think you have this backwards; the "removed during grace period" feature was sort of an artifact of how edits coalesce during the grace period - at one time, undoing the edit made it disappear from ...
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Unawarded but ended bounty prevents closure

The bounty seem to have ended just a moment ago. I was able to close it as duplicate: (source) I'm guessing there's some timezone shenanigans going on with the bounty expiration date / time, as ...
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Prevent third-party edits during the grace period

Ninja-editing (editing your post immediately after posting without the changes being visible) is a thing all over the web. On almost every site where user-generated content is used, users can edit ...
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Prevent third-party edits during the grace period

Since you say you are usually not the FGTIW I guess this particular situation won't happen very often. Here is what I suggest in these cases: You could have taken even a bit of time, evaluate the ...
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How does vote locking work?

To further answer about the rationale, the fact that it will lock is supposed to make people think twice before they commit to it, whether it's an upvote or a downvote.
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