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To create a tag, one must apply it to a question. Any user with at least 1500 reputation may add new tags to any question by typing the new tag into the question tags field, and submitting1. A tag can be created by adding it to a new question, or by editing it into an existing question. The person who adds the new tag is the creator of the tag. If you have ...


This answer and the preceding comment are both severely deficient. To initiate the creation of a new tag by suggesting it, all it takes is a mere 5 in reputation. See the procedure described as "you can request the creation of a tag by starting a new meta discussion" and the five bullets which are required to be diligently pursued.


Hi Meta Stack Overflowers! Sorry for bumping this to the top, but this is part of on ongoing experiment. If the experiment works out well, I will not disturb you for (at least!) the next 60 days. Thanks for your patience!

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