No, there shouldn't be. If the "following" user is not breaking any rules and their behaviour is not otherwise flaggable, what you describe as "interested in destroying it" reads more like "interested in curating the site". Negative feedback is feedback. A user that follows a post may be doing so because they believe the post is ...


We've implemented this feature. When a question or answer you are following is rolled back to a previous edit, you'll now receive a notification for that as well. Thanks for the request! And as an aside, testing for this new notification helped us spot an issue with our testing infrastructure, so thanks for the bonus benefit, too.


The ability to follow questions and answers is now a built-in feature in all Stack Exchange sites, including Stack Overflow. A given question or answer can be followed by clicking the "follow" link underneath the question or answer. Clicking it again unfollows it once more. The questions you're currently following are listed in the "...


Thanks for the request! We've implemented this, and it's now live. Now, when a user is following a question, when that question is reopened, they'll get a notification indicating that.


This is a clever idea in my opinion, and would add context to the notification alerts. I don't currently utilize the "follow" feature for posts, but if I ever do, I would appreciate knowing at a glance if I received: A response to me, (e.g. @TylerH), or an action on one of my posts like accepting, up/down voting, closing, etc., versus: A '...


I would say the current flow of comment flagging ("needs moderator intervention" reason) is sufficient for dealing with users you think "followed a post not because they're interested in it, but because they are interested in destroying it". Can't agree more with Temani Afif's comment: flag any innaproriate behavior, as simple as that. ...


So any time there is a new comment or edit, these users always respond immediately with negative feedback, arguing that the issue is moot, that the question should be closed, or that the post should be downvoted/deleted. This derails the conversation and offers no help in developing an appropriate answer. Badgering the post author with reiterated criticism ...


Thanks to the comments above, I realized that I can indeed unfollow the locked post from the Followed Posts profile tab, as described in the MSE thread Cannot unfollow locked post from Following tab (but still not from the post itself, as claimed by the answer there).

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