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Should flair provide HTTPS links by default?

Yes, it should be provided over HTTPS. Using an http:// link breaks when you decide to upgrade your site to HTTPS, and it's insecure. Using a protocol relative URL // is no longer recommended by ...
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I don't have 66 gold badges - whatever the JSON says

We just need to remove the count from the v-visible-sr - keep the count separate from the text. No, we most certainly cannot do that. That would violate the HTML standard, which states: Authors ...
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My Flair and those of others return an HTTP 500 instead of the expected image

Copied from my MSE answer: We had a web server that was misbehaving in ways that really don't make any sense, and as part of a debug of things, a reboot magically fixed it. System.Drawing (...
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How can I insert my Stack Overflow flair in a Word document?

Here is how you would do that: go to your flair page copy the url that is in the src attribute of the <img tag goto Word Choose Insert Image Paste the Url Click Insert You flair is now in the ...
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What is the difference between the default flair and clean flair?

I think it really just comes down to background color and border. It's easier to see if you look at the same page on meta, where the page background is white: "Default" is bordered with ...
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How to use my reputation and badges blog in my site as Image

You're looking for Flair. That page has all of the information you need otherwise.
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Missing avatar from main site flair

According to animuson's comment, Stack Overflow's flair generator has to fetch the avatar from Imgur which is out of SO's datacenter and control. As a result it's perfectly reasonable that it fails to ...
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How can I insert my Stack Overflow flair in a Word document?

This is clearly a matter of preference and opinion, but I'd argue against doing this in the first place in many cases. A screen shot of your badge is going to be permanently outdated, and might look ...
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In Area 51, Reputation and badges of Documentation are the same as Stack Overflow

A few things came together to make this possible. Area 51 periodically pulls a list of sites through the API and updates its own internal records. So it happily created a record in its Sites table ...
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How often is the flair image getting re-generated?

Flair is only updated once every 24-36 hours - it is heavily cached on both the server and client side.
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My flair doesn't have my new winter hat

Unfortunately, hats have never shown up in the flair. You might want to post a feature-request, although I suspect it won't be implemented for something that is only relevant for a small amount of ...
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Dark Flair Missing Image

Doesn't look like it's missing to me. From your website (which I certainly don't have cached): It's also fine on the SO page. So either it's fixed now and you have a cache issue, or it's something ...
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