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Yes, it should be provided over HTTPS. Using an http:// link breaks when you decide to upgrade your site to HTTPS, and it's insecure. Using a protocol relative URL // is no longer recommended by people like Paul Irish, because it's vulnerable to a man-on-the-side attack when served in an HTTP page. Nowadays, just always use HTTPS.


You can go to your profile by clicking on your avatar/reputation/badges in the top bar, then click on Edit Profile & Settings, then navigate to the flair tab. The page has instructions on how to add this to your website, including a HTML snippet that you can copy and paste.


Nothing. This is very easy to check and really affords them nothing. If someone checks on them, they will know. And if they don't, they don't. As xkcd illustrates...


We just need to remove the count from the v-visible-sr - keep the count separate from the text. No, we most certainly cannot do that. That would violate the HTML standard, which states: Authors MAY, with caution, use aria-hidden to hide visibly rendered content from assistive technologies only if the act of hiding this content is intended to improve the ...


Copied from my MSE answer: We had a web server that was misbehaving in ways that really don't make any sense, and as part of a debug of things, a reboot magically fixed it. System.Drawing (being swapped soon) was saving 0 byte files only on this box (ny-web05). This meant all users had a 1 in 9 chance of hitting the issue, for all flair from the box....


This is called flair. It's simply an image, you can get info by going to the flair tab on your profile. The examples are HTML, but it's easy to convert them to markdown. Put one of these in your profile: ![]( ![]( They render as:


If they're simply doctoring up their flair image, the intent might not be nefarious, depending on how egregiously inflated they've made it. It could just be a joke. Even if it's not, there's very little reason to care about things people put on web sites that aren't true - if the reverse were the case the Internet would implode. Now, if you see our logo ...


Here is how you would do that: go to your flair page copy the url that is in the src attribute of the <img tag goto Word Choose Insert Image Paste the Url Click Insert You flair is now in the Word document As your flair changes over time you might consider adding a macro to reduce the number of steps needed: Sub Macro2() ' ' Macro2 Macro ' ' ...


You're looking for Flair. That page has all of the information you need otherwise.


This is clearly a matter of preference and opinion, but I'd argue against doing this in the first place in many cases. A screen shot of your badge is going to be permanently outdated, and might look very out of place, perhaps even a tad unprofessional, in a CV. It also doesn't provide the reader with a way to actually check up on your profile, so you'll ...


Because caching. Depending on where you put the image, the file could be requested a lot of times. Generating the image is a relatively expensive process (in terms of CPU time) so in order to avoid overloading the Stack Exchange servers, flair images are cached. If you want people to check your current up-to-the-minute accurate reputation, then include a ...


A few things came together to make this possible. Area 51 periodically pulls a list of sites through the API and updates its own internal records. So it happily created a record in its Sites table for docs-beta, even though there was no actual site proposal to go along with it. I didn't realize that happened, so didn't flip the State that record to ...


Flair is only updated once every 24-36 hours - it is heavily cached on both the server and client side.


Unfortunately, hats have never shown up in the flair. You might want to post a feature-request, although I suspect it won't be implemented for something that is only relevant for a small amount of time. Also, the flair is a simple image - and thus, to show hats properly (I.e. when wearing a hat on toip off one's avatar), either the flair would have to grow ...


Doesn't look like it's missing to me. From your website (which I certainly don't have cached): It's also fine on the SO page. So either it's fixed now and you have a cache issue, or it's something specific to you.


We did have an issue with outdated cache flair. It should be resolve this point.


Probably because it would be too expensive to do constant updates. Generating once a day and caching the result keeps the cost reasonable.

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