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Don't worry about having a lot of pending flags, they'll get handled eventually. Depending on the kind of flag, it may get handled by other users (e.g. when a NAA flagged post is deleted via review). Other flags (e.g. "Needs moderator intervention") will need to be handled by a moderator, and that can take some time. Some flags also age away after ...


how come the moderator/reviewer deleted the comments and didn't take action about the content of the comments? The moderator who took the action would have to answer that. The rest of us can only speculate. That said, my understanding is that the moderator tools for handling "no longer needed" (NLN) flags are streamlined as compared to the other ...


I was the moderator who deleted the comments. They were flagged "No Longer Needed" and we see lots of folks chastising others in comments (especially in regards to "Please delete this"). Comments aren't a great tool for this Here's the one you think should have gotten this deleted This answer is an exact copy of


If the questions are also basically duplicates, you could flag for the question to be duplicate and, once closed, vote to delete it. It's a roundabout way of doing it, but at least you have more control of the timetable. Remember, most moderators abilities are also abilities that users have. Moderators are exception handlers precisely because there are some ...

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