It is working properly, although in your case you do not have access to the deleted:1 search filter as that is a 10k privilege. Help Center > Privileges > Access to moderator tools Access to moderator tools Privilege type: Moderation privilege Awarded at: 10,000 reputation Viewing deleted posts You also have a new search operator ...


Advanced search allows filtering in more ways: hasaccepted:1 will return questions with an accepted answer only. is:question answers:1 will return any answered questions.


This is not really specific to questions with bounties. Apparently, the "No accepted answer" filter only returns questions with no upvoted or accepted answers (even for questions with no bounties). The heading on top of the dialog states that fact: Perhaps, the checkbox text should read "No accepted/upvoted answer" if they don't plan to add more filters. ...


It's not as good as a proper implementation by SO, but I wrote a userscript to remove all the fantasy and scifi etc. sites from my sidebar. Edit the array of unwanted sites in the source to customise it as you want. https://openuserjs.org/scripts/stib/stackexchange_hide_annoying_questions/source Ironically enough, it doesn't seem to work on meta....


You can use exclude option -[tag] Example: [javascript] or [node.js] -[vue.js] Check the help section


Here’s how to return to an unfiltered view after selecting a filter. Click on “Stack Overflow” (labeled questions on other sites) in the left menu: You may also need to click on the sort (e.g. newest) you want to have. Alternatively you can save the “unfiltered” view you want to see as a filter and then click on that.

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