"Favorite tags" are a set of tags that can be marked by a user. The questions that have favorite tags will be highlighted, and can be monitored using Tag Sets.

Favorite tags are a set of tags selected by a user on a Stack Exchange site. All questions marked as favorite are highlighted in the questions page. If a user is looking a specific tag search page that is marked as favorite, then the only questions highlighted will be those that have other favorite tags.

The prefs tab in the User Profile and on the right-hand side of every questions list page shows all Favorite Tags, and has an entry field to set them. They can also be set by hovering over the tag, and clicking on the icon (normal state: silver star) in the upper left of the hover-box to change it to a gold star. You can click on this again, once to change it to a red 'x' which makes it an ignored tag, and twice to go back to the normal silver star, and remove any special status from it.

The favorite tags are used by the Interesting Tab of the home page in Stack Overflow only as part of its algorithm to determine which questions to show. You can monitor the Favorite Tags you have on all Stack Exchange sites, using the the "Filtered Questions" functionality on the main Stack Exchange site.