If the post has indeed useful comment other than the snarky fluff, then please go ahead and edit the question into shape. It is very uncomfortable to stumble upon a question or answer with that kind of commentary, so editing that out is definitely an improvement. That a part of it was directed towards you personally should not have weight in this decision, ...


The Joint Controller Agreement linked in that privacy notice between Stack Exchange and Collective owners claims to document all data sharing between collective owners and Stack Exchange on page 8. According to that document, the only private information that is shared is user IDs, so no (assuming that document is correct).


The general rule here is that you should focus on content and not the user. If you can improve a post, improve it. But keep the original intent. Feel free to correct typos and things that are objectively wrong. If you think something lack a source, feel free to add a source. If a long answer is lacking a TL;DR, then add it. Whenever you are about to fix ...


I can confirm: your email address is not shared with the Collective client.


while in my opinion I feel suggesting an edit is appropriate here, I wouldn't want to make said edit and be seen as abusing my privileges Make the edit. Remember, editing is lightweight. If the author of the question / answer you are editing (or anyone else!) doesn't like the edit, that person is free to roll it back. At that point you will bow out rather ...


I've seen this a time or two, in some form, in my past role as a moderator of Worldbuilding. It's useful to discuss it in the Chat and see if someone else will make the edit. That is, you can't use the "suggested edit" review queue, but you can use the chat room for the same purpose.

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