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Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

When I read the blogpost my first thought was like “Is this still a programming site or a social justice movement?” Honestly, I can't see a negative link between bad behavior and the OP being a woman, ...
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Should I be nice to new users?

Yes, you should be nice to your fellow users. Being rude to someone isn't going to solve any problems all by itself. It is the content that really matters. Users shouldn't be telling anyone not to ...
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Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

This kind of hits what I was thinking. There is a big problem with this blogpost. The general consensus is quite okay with me, it should be more welcoming. But making this a case of discrimination in ...
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Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

I've been reading these discussions about rudeness, being welcoming (or not) and possible discrimination for some time now, without voicing my opinion. The point has come where I have to have my say: ...
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Can we have an official statement regarding greetings, salutations etc. please?

This already exists in the Help Center: What kind of behavior is expected of users? Do not use signature, taglines, or greetings. Every post you make is already “signed” with your standard user card, ...
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Is this really what we should consider "unwelcoming"?

TL;DR: Most of these can be shortened to remove what sounds like frustration. One of them really doesn't need to be posted at all. They really don't need to be deleted, just potentially edited to ...
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Should the mod team tighten up moderation on Meta comments?

One of the many reasons meta is so toxic is the constant censorship when people try to voice their opinions and speak their mind. If one wants a place for constructive discussion, one does not go ...
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Be nice, be nice, be nice, yes, but what if the question is horrifically egregiously bad?

Maybe it's me (probably it's me), but how to respond nicely to the likes of this? You don't. You downvote and vote to close, then move on.
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Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

I'm really surprised to see this statement on this blogpost. I'm trying hard to see the relation between how someone acts to a post, and the gender/color/group of the OP. I've been here since 2013, ...
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Is it okay to ask for upvotes in a question?

No, asking for upvotes is not OK, and noise like that should be removed. You did exactly what you should do: Edit the question (and maybe leave a comment) Flag for moderator attention if OP rejects ...
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Posting malicious code as an answer

The Problem I agree with you that this is a problem. People shouldn't copy and run code they don't understand from Stack Overflow. People actually do it every day. And even when people do understand ...
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On the false dichotomy between quality and kindness

Here's an interesting hypothesis on the dichotomy that I think I've come to realize: Quality creates kindness. I've come to this realization from thinking about its natural corollary: unkindness ...
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How to treat bad English sentence syntax and typo hell?

I would say that yes, correct the post, but also offer a polite comment, so that their future posts might be better. I sometimes say something like this for Java-related questions: Programming is ...
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Dealing with contributing but abusive users

Harassment must be punished. No salt included If some user behaves in inappropriate way - my opinion - there's no relation to his contribution or reputation points. Violation of rules is violation of ...
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How do you know Stack Overflow feels unwelcoming?

SO is evidently unwelcoming, as I can easily demonstrate with explicit evidence. Unfortunately, it seems that the worst abuse is directed at the user-moderators who volunteer to curate the site: ...
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Should comments saying "google it." be flagged?

Personally I'd flag such comments as not constructive. The comment is indeed not helpful, not to the OP and not to future visitors. Either show how googling it would have found the information, or ...
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I'm new to Stack Overflow; what are some things I should do, and what things will I likely want to do that I shouldn't?

To Start First and most importantly, I highly suggest reading through the help center. This will give you most of what you need to know about the basics of the sites. This will also give you ...
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How to treat bad English sentence syntax and typo hell?

I am seeing quite a few comments excusing an extreme lack of punctuation or grammar with something like: "English isn't the primary language of that user." English is a secondary language for me. ...
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Is this really what we should consider "unwelcoming"?

There is clearly a diversity of opinion among the people who participated in the comment-evaluation exercise as to what it means for comments to be "unwelcoming". This is demonstrated by the breadth ...
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Is it outside my bounds as a non-moderator to remind people to be civil?

Someone replied, pointed out that I have no diamond next to my name and requested that I not pretend to be a moderator They are completely, unequivocally, 100% wrong. SO is a community driven site. ...
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Should I pay back debt to old answers with upvotes?

Are there public reasons not to do this? Is upvoting sets of years-inactive questions ever considered harmful to public discussion or the community? (e.g. like necroposting?) No, votes don't bump ...
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Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

This is how social justice advocates' logic works. On one hand they try to claim that they think everybody are equal, on the other they claim that "marginalized groups" can't succeed without getting ...
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Please ask if there is a problem before telling us there is a problem

I think it is poor form to outright tell a community that they are treating new users poorly without first posing the question "Is the community treating new users poorly?" and then letting the ...
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Should we ask for the OP's region when asking help for "rare" errors?

I don't see any need to ask their region; just say something like "depending on your region, your problem might be caused by current outages in [place]. Have you checked the service status in ...
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What to do when massive downvoting hits you due to an external source?

I mean, people in Reddit are insulting me like crazy, and my social status here isn't getting better either. ... yes. Doing things that communities of people find unpleasant, irresponsible, or ...
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How do you know Stack Overflow feels unwelcoming?

I know Stack Overflow is perceived as unwelcoming by some users because (gasp!) It is that way by design. If you aren't familiar with Mathematical/Economic "game theory", you may want to ...
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Is this really what we should consider "unwelcoming"?

Honestly, a lot of those comments provide more specific guidance and read much kinder than what I see daily in my error logs. Programmers who get their feelings hurt by these types of comments will ...
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What to do when a high-rep user is willfully breaking site rules/meta consensus?

Users are never above the rules and guidelines, whatever their reputation (or status). To be blunt, this could have been handled better by both parties: You could have brought to the attention of a ...
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Bounty etiquette - early awards

I'm not sure whether people will see it as polite or just nice, but I would leave the bounty going, especially if the answer was very good. The reasons for this are two-fold: An even better answer ...
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Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

That's just another case of SO trying to blame the community, this time with other words. The site is solely run by the community, so the headline alone is a accusation of every single user. Stack ...
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