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Validity of Feedback program with monetary compensation

Yes that's legitimate usually. I've participated in one of the user research sessions and can tell you I did receive the compensation. Usually these research sessions involve more time than answering ...
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Why is my e-mail address flagged as "temporary"?

We have had blocks in place for common "disposable" email addresses for quite some time to hamper spammers and trolls from using unverified email addresses to create accounts on the network. ...
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How can I follow my own question (so I get notice of comments)?

In summary: A question author cannot follow their own question, and will automatically receive notifications, inside Stack Overflow, of comments on the question. The question author will also ...
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Broken link in Staging Ground email and not-rendered HTML content

We pushed a fix this morning for the Staging Ground help content URL. We were mistakenly baking in a relative URL. This also includes a fix to properly sanitize Markdown and other markup within the ...
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Received SO Teams domain migration notice on an old email address that I no longer use

Due to a potential bug at some point in the past, your SO Team email values got out to sync. Editing your Team email values today got the correct values into the system on both your end and ours. Your ...
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Stop the wizard implicitly opting me into receiving emails if I've disabled email notifications

bug (convert the following into all caps:) Now I've finally found out why my email settings for inbox notification were "randomly" getting switched from "Off" to "3 hrs". ...
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