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unity5 is a synonym of unity3d. This means by adding Unity5 as a tag, you're adding Unity3D instead. Your question already has the Unity3D tag, and it can't be added again, so nothing happens. That's not a bug but the intended behaviour.


You can press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste as plain text. I believe Chrome and Firefox support this key combination.


The clipboard can store multiple representations/formats of the same object. Text is the lowest-common-denominator representation, but that's the only representation that your text editor supports, so that's what it gets. The Stack Exchange editor supports images, so when the clipboard offers that format, it accepts it. Why are images preferred over text ...


You can turn this feature off by unchecking edit->Substitutions->Smart Quotes etc... This appears to be the same as Safari except, at least for me, Safari defaults to having these features off As for undo not changing the substitutions back that appears to be a long standing issue with S.O. implementing their own undo Editor's undo does not track ...


Excel sends various representation of the copied content into the clipboard; the client decides which one it wants to use when pasting - here the client is a textbox in your browser, and it's apparently happy to treat the content as an image: Copy your Excel source and instead of Ctrl+V to paste as an image, right-click and select Paste as plain text (or ...


This behaviour is dictated by the user-agent. E.g. the browser Messing with this would be counter productive. Usually, by using the browser we are trained to expect certain behaviour. E.g. hitting enter on any text field that doesn't accept accept newlines submits the form. This happens not only on Stack Overflow question editor, but on any other form. You ...


TL;DR This library is cool, but not a good fit for SO. This is a cool library, but, as others have pointed out, it's not necessary or even helpful to nearly enough posts to justify its deployment here. SO is a huge site, with millions of posts (i.e., millions of pages), used by millions of people, covering tens of thousands of topics (i.e., tags). The vast ...


Integration may be simple, but what impact would this have on site load times? For math, LaTeX markup via MathJax has been requested a couple of times, but the request has been denied because of the library's negative impact on load times. Who's to say this library won't have the same issues? Do the drawbacks outweigh the issues caused by not having the ...


This needs migrating to Meta, idk whether SO, SU or SE. In the meantime... I'm setting pictures inside quotes to make it easier to see they are pictures rather than actual interface. Help is available in the box you type your question or answer in, eg... Each of those icons is a function. Each function has a key command which you can see if you hover ...


I figured out the source of the problem. In short: it occurs when you click rapidly after opening a snippet for the first time, before the snippet framework HTML has had a time to load. Clicking triggers a listener which expects the snippet HTML (and associated data) to be loaded. An error is thrown, and further JS execution stops, preventing you from saving ...


It wasn't inserting newlines. That's just how the text wrapping works. You can type the spaces, and you'll see the change in the preview. Once you get to four you'll see the code indent.


I'm in favor of this change because: This allow better copy paste (more compatible with other system) This reduce the number of waste space (Character length of the answer, also octet space, just imagine how many space this style of indentation is taking on SO server) Select a specific language is far more easy (<!-- language: none --> vs ```none)


I think it was meant as this: Do this: code code code Otherwise, don't: Oops, doesn't work! Markdown: 1. Do this: code code code 2. Otherwise, don't: Oops, doesn't work!


As an alternative to Tab and Shift+Tab, could I suggest Ctrl+] (right bracket) and Ctrl+[ (left bracket), respectively? Advantages Allows Tab and Shift+Tab to keep their current behaviour Same shortcuts used by other editors such as Atom, Ace, and Gmail Currently unused Disadvantages A bit obscure

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