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Yes, please! We are developers - we basically expect Tab to indent code and Shift+Tab to unindent it. This could be implemented on programming-related sites only (SO, Programmers, Code Review, Programming Puzzles) if you think it'd confuse users on other sites - but it'll feel natural to programmers. I'd go as far as saying this feature should be on by ...


It's called Pagedown, and you're totally free to use it :) It's a great editor for markdown with restricted HTML support. Google code is shutting down so the repo is read-only, however we have plans to migrate it the next time that we have something to commit. Balpha maintains it; when it moves, we'll make sure that folks know about it.


This is standard behavior for HTML forms: If the user agent supports letting the user submit a form implicitly (for example, on some platforms hitting the "enter" key while a text field is focused implicitly submits the form), then doing so for a form whose default button has a defined activation behaviour must cause the user agent to run synthetic click ...


To attempt to "answer" the question: The most likely explanation is: they forgot And since that keyboard overlay it seems they implemented the overlay feature, but they haven't added the shortcuts to the markup help files, or anywhere else but in the tooltips in the editor. It's likely no-one considered it could be handy to have the related ...


Tables have been added to Stack Exchange as of December 2020. This is what you want: |id|name |email| |--| --- | --- | |1 | Sta || |2 |Danny|| |3 |Elle || This will give you a pure HTML table, like this: id name email 1 Sta 2 Danny 3 Elle This table is ...


Until recently, users weren't allowed to start an ordered list at some arbitrary number - the system would always force the number to start at 1. That change a little bit ago, and now users are allowed to start an ordered list at any number they'd like. What you're seeing is an artifact of that change. The system permanently caches the rendered post until ...


You are right, on most monitors the box is too small for comfort. However, I'm not in favor of giving it a fixed bigger size: That would be problematic with smaller devices like small tablets. Instead, I think a starting size that's relative to the window size would be appropriate. A good compromise could be to use roughly half the height of the browser ...


I'd quite like to see the post preview rendered horizontally alongside the entry box. I think it's the only way we could even get close to persuading these morons to use it. Beyond that, no. Just downvote and delete. If they can't be bothered to spot this obvious horridness, what do you think the rest of the question's going to be like? Odds of value: 0.06%....


I think we should emphasize looking at the preview in the error message (because, if the user did, they, more often than not, would've seen the problem).


Just a suggestion. I believe that this kind of feature request could be accepted much faster if accompanied by the pull request. Although Stack Overflow as a whole is not open source, some of its parts are. And the part in question is available on GitHub, waiting for pull requests. So I believe that the community can handle this kind of feature ...


This would likely create more problems than it solves (or it would get used too rarely to justify having it). Most posts only have single code blocks, or code blocks that are too short for this to be particularly useful. We don't want to encourage users to post more when less code would do. We don't want users to post a ton of code when a minimal complete ...


I suspect a badly cached JavaScript file (based on the editor toolbar not showing up) - clearing the SO cache should fix the issue if that is it. To exclude anyone between yourself and our TLS termination points, try accessing over HTTPS (though I don't think that's it).


unity5 is a synonym of unity3d. This means by adding unity5 as a tag, you’re adding unity3d instead. Your question already has the unity3d tag, and it can’t be added again, so nothing happens. That’s not a bug but the intended behaviour.


Post your answer here. Include enough information to make the answer self-contained. Answers are not for asking new questions, commenting or saying thanks (cast a vote instead).


You might also try the following CSS, which will show the preview right next to the input textarea. #wmd-preview { position: absolute; left: 100%; top: 55px; margin-top: 0; } #post-editor { position: relative; } Which gives a quite interesting effect, and is very useful on widescreens. It should be backed by an script though that increases the ...


Very often answers linking to one of the popular online tools are the bad answers ignoring the specificity of the question. There are too many differences between flavors implementations (and bugs) API (yes, it's often about the functions you might use to get to the goal, not just the expression) And everything changes with the versions. I think this ...


Edit: The faster way I found to draw graphs on linux is to use tree command: mkdir test && cd test mkdir -p 1/3/2 1/3/5/4 1/3/5/7/6 1/3/5/7/11 tree && cd .. && rm -rf test . └── 1 └── 3 ├── 2 └── 5 ├── 4 └── 7 ├── 11 └── 6 You can use Unicode box drawing ...


If you see it, just edit it. I don't think there's anything that has changed internally to cause this sort of behavior, but the easiest solution to this problem is just to edit it out if you see it.


This is a Firefox setting that you need to enable. By default, Firefox only checks multi-line textboxes. You can adjust this by following these steps: In the URL bar, type about:config Search for Layout.spellcheckDefault Change the default value of 1 to 2 Other options that are available: 0 - Disable spellchecker. 1 - Enable spellchecker for ...


There's no simple regex that handles all cases. What if I want to describe the character "i" that's matched by the regex [d-k]? I want to be able to just write "i", without surrounding it with back-ticks (since it's not really a code). If you feel there are many "i"s that need to be converted to "I", and you don't want to waste your time converting all of ...


I think [the editor] has some problems that make it hard for new users to submit good and coherent questions. Oh, it was the editor all along! Wait, no, it wasn't, it's the users themselves. If you can't form full sentences, if you can't create a Minimal, Complete and Verifyable Example, if you don't even bother double-checking what your wall of text ...


I support this feature request. A work-around for now is to: Select the unindented code block Click the code button to indent it to four spaces Manually unindent the first line Select the whole block again Click the code button again to indent it to eight spaces Repair the first line It's a bit of a faff, but it's useful on large blocks of code.


Having too much code can be problematic, but only if it represents a failure to make a minimum, compilable, verifiable example. Personally, it's far more common for questions to contain too little, and there are a lot of cases where larger quantities of code have been helpful in making a good answer. For example, Why is PySide's exception handling ...


That question was written in 2012, and hasn't been edited since. Intra-word emphasis has only been working since 2014. Because the Markdown is converted to its rendered version only once (and the rendered version is then stored), you're seeing the question as it was rendered by the Markdown converter in 2012. If someone edited the post now, causing a new ...


You can press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste as plain text. I believe Chrome and Firefox support this key combination.


Use a link to the actual image:


While I think this could be a nifty idea, I worry about its intent; I could hardly call a code snippet "minimal" if we had the ability to jump between tens or hundreds of named code blocks.


TeX is not supported on Stack Overflow (though it is on several other Stack Exchange sites with MathJax). Instead of using the syntax you have, you can use the html <pre> element - white space inside the tag will not collapse. Alternatively - upload an image.


A better editor (with better support for editing code) would be really nice. Here's a Chrome extension that'll give you one... But... Please don't try posting large amounts of code from your phone. Even if you manage to do it without screwing up the formatting, there's very little chance you're actually testing the code on your phone or able to respond to ...


I always think the help icon is too much hidden: We should make it more visible to new users. Maybe some flashing blue point like we had in documentation. This could be there on the first 3 posts. The main problem is, that most users know BB-Codes and never heard about markdown. Backtick is more like the BB-Code [code][/code] than 4 indents.

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