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85 votes

Why are fellow users removing thank-you's from my questions?

Why is this done? Removing "Hi", "Thanks", "Appreciating any help", etc. makes questions more valuable for their future readers by making them look less like problems ...
71 votes

My accepted answer was modified drastically. Is this allowed?

That massive edit removed a lot of background information from the answer. It goes against the intentions of the user (you), so I rolled it back. Keep in mind that you can always roll back edits on ...
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71 votes

Is it OK for a newbie to insert code comments into code submitted by an experienced answerer?

Why leave a comment where you could have made an answer? Mostly-code answers are serviceable, but in the longer run, there's potentially a lot of value in a clear explanation of a dense piece of code....
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70 votes

Are consulting solicitations acceptable?

Soliciting work in answers is a no-no. It's against our self-promotion policy More importantly, it's against our fundamental expectations of what is a good answer. job solicitation info is bound to ...
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64 votes

Should I edit questions/answers using unnecessary indentation?

Yes, please. That would make the code a lot easier to read. But make sure you improve other things in the post (grammar, capitalization, tags) as well. As your edits still go through the review queue, ...
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58 votes

Is it frowned upon to use backticks around a word or even part of it to refer to some function or keyword as part of a sentence?

Code blocks mark a language boundary; only use them when your formatting helps to distinguish prose meanings from code meanings. Partial-word code blocks can be particularly distracting or can impair ...
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53 votes

Is it frowned upon to use backticks around a word or even part of it to refer to some function or keyword as part of a sentence?

I think occasionally it is OK, but most of the time a different phrasing only costs one extra word, and adds enough extra clarity and readability that the trade-off is worth it: "Use DateTimes ...
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51 votes

Should we edit signatures out of answers on sponsored tags?

Yes, please edit out signatures, even if they are on answers posted in sponsored tags. Every post is already "signed" with a user's name and avatar, which links to their profile. That's where ...
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48 votes

Should I approve edits that only add '?' to the question title?

No, you should not be approving suggested edits that just add a ? to the title. This is clear if we look at the description of "No improvement whatsoever": This edit does not make the post even a ...
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46 votes

How best to encourage the OP to add missing information to the question

There are some things that can be done to optimize the effectiveness of "the message" Lead the author to the edit button Instead of simply requesting something: What is x? Directly link to ...
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35 votes

Should we accept a tag-wiki edit made by a corporate employee?

We should judge any edit based on its merits. The source of the edit is not relevant, as long as the information is correct and it's a good excerpt. That being said, this edit broadens the tag (to ...
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34 votes

How do I edit this question?

I would strongly advise just not editing it at all. The question is just truly awful, and even removing all of the redundancies, would still be a terrible question when you're done. Don't spend time ...
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32 votes

Edit rejection of minor error in code

I think Maroun has missed something important: SO actively discourages approving edits like this. That edit looks like an outside poster trying to fix the code. In most cases this is either a review ...
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30 votes

Improving my question about class inheritance in C#

You've run into one of the unfortunate problems with how Stack Overflow works, which is that once a question is deemed "bad', it's fairly hard to recover through natural means. Once you have some ...
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29 votes

Attack on the suggestion of a duplicate

I think I understand why OP felt compelled to add something to the answer. When you suggest a duplicate (without hammering), different people see different things: Normal users see a "possible ...
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24 votes

Should I simply leave very low quality posts unedited?

Leaving aside the question of the two specific examples you cite, it seems to me that the question of editing comes down to: can you turn the post into a useful question that will get the answer the ...
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23 votes

An edit made to a post of mine includes a fix to a spelling mistake contained within a quote block, should I edit it to add the mistake back in?

Personally (I'm not speaking in authority here), I strongly favor preserving the integrity of quotations, warts and all. If I notice a spelling error when quoting a source within my own answer, I will ...
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20 votes

How to compose yellow background blockquote?

This is a standard blockquote. The Markdown syntax is to precede the text with a >. You can achieve the same effect in the editor by highlighting the block of text and clicking the quotation-mark ...
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20 votes

Attack on the suggestion of a duplicate

I've got to say, I'm pretty strongly sympathetic to the asker, in this case. I don't know anything about the specific technical topic being asked about, but here are some surface-level observations ...
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19 votes

Should I simply leave very low quality posts unedited?

#1 was clearly off-topic, since it asked for off-site resources, and your time could have been spent better. But I think you did good work on both of them. You managed to bring forth the qualities of #...
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19 votes

Should I try to clean up? OP adds summaries of answers and eventually self-answers

The question gets bigger and bigger and this leads to no good. Should I try to clean up the question? If you wish, it would be nice. and if so how? Roll-back (from the edit section) to a ...
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19 votes

Attack on the suggestion of a duplicate

My apologies on the "schtick" schtick. I can see how it was offensive.
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18 votes

Update question before bounty end

A bounty is basically advertising for your question to make it more likely to get an answer. If you've found new information that will help answer your question, adding it will make your question ...
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16 votes

Why were these edits rejected as "completely superfluous or actively harm readability"?

First off, thank you for asking. One of the best ways to get help if you're still unclear after reading the FAQs and other documentation is to ask here on Meta. (Ignore the downvotes.) First edit: ...
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15 votes

Is it acceptable to include a link to the help center in an unrelated answer?

Is this the correct call? Yes. would be more appropriate as a comment, if anything I wouldn't even go that far. I wouldn't flag it as a comment, but I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to tell ...
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14 votes

OP has deleted code from their question, so now it's unclear. Should I revert the edit and reinstate the code?

Let the OP decide what they want their question to look like ultimately. They may have had good reasons to remove the code sample; either because they weren't allowed to post it in the first place (e....
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14 votes

Difficulty with minimum working example

It is very unlikely (nearly impossible) to have good answerable questions of this kind without MCVE. "Debug my code without code" type of question is generally not suitable for SO as the only options ...
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