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Reasonable suggested edit but inappropriate edit summary

Should I flag this for moderator attention if I see it again (the inappropriate comment) Absolutely. Even if the edit is valid (which it's not, adding bold text and inline code formatting does not ...
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Why isn't there spell checking on the edit summary input?

This is a Firefox setting that you need to enable. By default, Firefox only checks multi-line textboxes. You can adjust this by following these steps: In the URL bar, type about:config Search for ...
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Do subsequent edits of the same question use the description of the first edit?

It will show as one edit. There is a 5 minute "grace period" when editing. Changes made within these 5 minutes are merged into the same edit. There is an exception, which is when someone comments ...
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Good suggested edit, bad edit summary. Accept or reject?

In theory, no. If the edit is still valid, then the edit summary is not necessarily important in getting it approved. In practice it's a different story. Your edit summary is displayed prominently at ...
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Where to report a threatening message in an edit summary?

It appears that this user got mad because you edited one of his answers (here). As stated by Infinite Recursion, custom flag it, move on and the moderators will handle it.
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Should reviewers who don’t reject a rude review comment be review suspended?

It's a shame that this particular situation was conflated with a reviewer ending up suspended from the review queues. This had not even been the reviewer's first mistake, plus the suspension was not ...
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Can I edit the Edit Summary of my post edits?

Only if it's within 5 minutes And even then you might have to make a minor change beyond that to make it stick. You don't really need to leave edit comments on your own posts. Nobody cares, and if ...
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"Leave comment on rollback" not working?

Per Could we be permitted to provide a reason for rolling back? you need to click the "edit" link on the revision you want to go back to. Then you can enter a custom message and save that. ...
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How should we handle blatantly incorrect edit summaries?

Often the summary can be ignored. I see no particular need to provide precise summaries in most cases. My steps to review: Glance at the summary to avoid adding inappropriate content on the site. ...
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When reviewing / viewing an edit, can we show the title diff in a more readable format?

I definitely consider this a problem as well. Here's what I just encountered. The two titles are basically exploded into 11 pieces and the reviewer has to do a mental puzzle to figure out the before ...
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Reputation is not increasing after Copy-Editer badge

From the help center: You gain reputation when: suggested edit is accepted: +2 (up to +1000 total per user) 500 accepted edits at 2 reputation each is 1000 rep from edits. So you've hit ...
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Edits which only change the edit summary should be accepted during grace period

As a workaround, if you can manage two additional edits within the grace period: Click [edit], make your necessary changes to the Edit Summary, add a . to the end of the post (or anything else that's ...
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Prefer imperative, present-tense style in edit summaries

I prefer how it is, which I feel is more intuitive. The way I see it, when you see "fixed spelling" on a revision, it reads like "this revision fixed [the] spelling". Quite realistically, I mostly ...
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Is there a way to collect data about edit descriptions?

Yes, in SEDE you'll find the posthistory table and in that a column called comment which contains the edit description when the posthistorytypeid = 5 (edited body) (4 = edited title and 6 = edited ...
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How should we handle blatantly incorrect edit summaries?

We are all human, and we all make mistakes, including users who edit posts. IMHO, you should ask yourself if the edit ultimately improves the post or not. If it does, despite the incomplete or ...
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Unable to update my Edit Summary

Go back and edit the same post within the grace period (5 minutes); change the edit summary and also make some other change (however small), and the original revision will silently be updated. (If you ...
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How should we handle blatantly incorrect edit summaries?

To start with, moderators can modify edit summaries as explained here: If you believe that edit summary is actively harmful to the site and if you can explain it in the flag message, you can ...
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Quickly following an edit with another merges their content but not the description

For whatever reason, edits that only change the summary are not saved. Maybe because doing so doesn't make sense if you're not in the grace period for an earlier edit, and the code doesn't bother ...
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