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Why am I temporarily banned from suggesting edits?

I temporarily suspended your editing privileges because of this edit, where you edited obvious spam instead of flagging it. When you make edits like that on low-quality posts, you invalidate "not an ...
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Edit ban because of Community rejections

There are (at least) two different reasons why Community User is blamed for an suggested edit rejection: The edit conflicted; someone else also edited the post, but their edit applied directly. This ...
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How long am I banned from editing?

According to this answer, if the ban was caused by having too many suggested edits rejected, the length is fixed at 7 days. If unfortunately a moderator spotted your behaviour and manually issued ...
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Do the editing penalty durations increase?

Edit bans come in 3 forms: When you have enough edits rejected in a short period of time, you will receive an automatic suggested edit ban that lasts 7 days. This ban is not shorter or longer. So ...
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Wrongly banned from editing

Converting image links of code to images of code is not useful, nor is making sentences all bold Plagiarism isn't useful either And nor is using code fencing to mark things as code if they aren't ...
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Suspension from suggesting edits

You have a habit of using totally unnecessary formatting: Edit Issue(s) Note Link root Why does this need emphasis? Link UTF-8 This isn't code. Link .jar File extensions aren't code. Link HOWTO ...
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Why did I get temporary ban for editing questions?

8 out of the 13 suggested edits you have done have been rejected, as shown here So you must have ran into the automatic ban threshold by having too many rejected edits and not enough approved ones. ...
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Edit ban because of Community rejections

A bit of background information to complement Martijn's answer, since a lot of the details behind this are scattered across the meta sites: Until recently, the edit-ban system completely ignored ...
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How long am I banned from editing?

We now have much clearer messaging on-screen for users when they have suggested edit ban. It looks like this: The message itself (now in a nicer post notice element) says: You are currently ...
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Edit Questions and the Ban

Your edits are doing nothing for the readability or quality of the posts you edit. You seem to emphasise random parts of the text, making the entire thing harder to read and quite frankly quite a bit ...
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How long am I banned from suggesting edits?

It's 7 days. I'm not sure why the interface doesn't tell you that. I'm going to ping a dev to see if they overlooked something. The new review suspension notices went live today so that might have ...
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User abusing tag wiki edits

If their edits are bad, they will be automatically blocked after enough have been rejected - it's automatic and doesn't require the intervention of a moderator. You're welcome to flag, but realize ...
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How to deal with users that resubmit rejected edit suggestions?

There's no need to do anything more, though one might, depending on the case, use a more elaborate custom rejection reason. If the user persists, he will be blocked for a short while soon, which will ...
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What do I need to do reenable myself to suggest edits?

Prepare for a shock... one of your edit suggestions became the subject of heated discussion here. Which may have been the reason your edit suggestions came to the attention of the moderators. Most of ...
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How can I see when edit ban began?

To answer the question in the title: edit bans are 7 days in length and the reason shown looks like: Too many of your edits were rejected, try again in 5 days. That would mean your edit ban began ~...
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When does the temporary editing ban get lifted?

As indicated by Jon Clements's comment, when you attempt to suggest an edit, a notice will be displayed containing the ban's expiration date. In your case, the ban was for 7 days and was ...
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