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It's time to reward the duplicate finders

YES. I agree with this and I think this should work the same way as edits like you mentioned. I always notice new users answering trivial and repeated questions, but we cannot really blame them ...
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It's time to reward the duplicate finders

Personally I'm wary of adding any rep for this. As a very experienced developer, I frequently see (or, indeed, ask) questions that get closed as duplicates referencing other questions that aren't ...
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Answering a question, then closing it as duplicate

I think it's bad form to answer a question then immediately close it as a duplicate. If it's a duplicate, just close it. By answering it then immediately closing it, it sends a signal that you're ...
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Is it wrong to upvote an answer to a question just so you can close another question as a duplicate of it?

The only way this would be wrong is if you were upvoting a wrong answer or closing a question that wasn't a duplicate. So... Don't do those things. If you've good reason to believe the answer ...
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Duplicate questions display experiment

feature-request Include the chosen tags in the search criteria for "Questions that may already have your answer." Please include the tags (when present) in the list of suggested duplicates. Without ...
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Can we slow down on the deletes on Meta, folks?

This is the antipattern of question moderation that I'm really starting to revile. Someone posted a question which does deserve some discussion and has some merit as a signal to the powers that be who ...
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How can I make sure the question I'm going to post is not going to be duplicate?

First, thanks for having a decent attitude. Willingness to improve is about the only skill that can't be taught. I think it has to be said that posting a duplicate question is not a bad thing. It can ...
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Spurned authors deleting their questions after they are closed as duplicate

I constantly see in the comments that they would no longer visit the site as it's not welcoming to them. Truth be told, if someone can't take constructive criticism or disagreement without feeling ...
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Does the same answer imply that the questions should be closed as duplicate?

No. The Reductio ad absurdum is (A maths example): Q: What is 2*13? A: 26 Q: What is the only integer bounded by a square and a cube? A: 26 Neither of these are good answers, as they don't ...
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Should I post a question that I'm going to immediately close as a duplicate?

This is a great idea. No elaboration needed; you explained why quite well already.
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Make Stack Overflow more friendly: remove the stigma of duplicates?

I agree that rewarding users who voluntarily help close their useful, innocent duplicates would be good. From personal experience, I know it can be devilishly hard to find dupe targets, even for ...
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After marking as duplicate, OP says they are looking for *other* solutions. Is this enough reason to reopen?

No, an "I want another solution" comment is absolutely not enough to re-open the question. If you feel that there is some actual reason, you can edit the question first to clarify that ...
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I can't submit a duplicate of a deleted question?

You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. This is likely due to the fact that a deleted question is really just soft-deleted. If a user with more than 10k rep, or the original author, has a link to ...
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Can we slow down on the deletes on Meta, folks?

I can't ever get too upset about deletion. I want to, but... Honestly, I think it's often the best option. But, sadly, not in this case. Beyond the reasons you've stated, it's traditional to downvote ...
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Flagging a post as a duplicate should cost reputation points

There should be a speed-bump placed in the way of flagging questions as duplicate to force a bit of thoughtful consideration as to the validity of the duplicate -- which in many cases is open to ...
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Is it OK to reopen a duplicate question if one disagrees with the accepted answer of the duplicate although they have an answer there too?

Is it OK to reopen a duplicate question if one disagrees with the accepted answer of the duplicate ... ? No, it's absolutely not OK to do this. Disagreement with the accepted answer on the target ...
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It's time to reward the duplicate finders

Accuracy I like the idea of rewarding finding duplicates, but we need to think carefully about how we define accuracy and what level of accuracy is acceptable. If we don't disincentivise inaccuracy, ...
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Why does this question show as "marked as duplicate by Community♦"?

This is a relatively new feature, in which the OP has the ability to agree with a duplicate close vote. If they do, the question is then closed immediately by Community. Given that the user actually ...
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What should we do when one person tries to delete every duplicate?

I agree that questions that are duplicates should be closed. But, I find a disturbing pattern when somebody closes a dupe with a more general dupe and even not the correct tag i.e. suppose a person ...
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People MUST be rewarded with reputation for finding duplicates

The irony is, finding a dupe often takes incomparable more effort than writing an answer. It's not the irony; it's the core of the problem. People want answers and they want them quick. Even for ...
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Is it appropriate to close questions on Meta in which users ask why their question is marked as duplicate?

Actually, I agree. Questions about why specific questions are closed are almost never exact duplicates of that question. It's helpful to link them, sure. It's even helpful to suggest them as a ...
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How old does a question have to be to ask it again without having it flagged as a duplicate?

N/A The age of a question should not come into account when deciding on duplicates. Of course, I do not mean that your question is bad or stupid; we all know that technology moves forward and as a ...
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What to do when someone copies and pastes a 2 year old question as their own?

Copying and pasting another question - old or not, answered or not - to pass off as your own is blatant plagiarism. Use a custom mod flag and explain the situation.
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What does the "That solved my problem!" button do?

Correct, this button appears because your question has attracted at least one close vote for being a duplicate of existing question. If you click on the button, you'll see a confirmation box. On ...
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Downvote duplicate question?

If a question has hundreds of duplicates and could have been easily Googled, then yes, it is fair to downvote. When commenting, make sure you are polite in tone, no matter how lazy the asker was. ...
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"Dummy" question closed as duplicate

I'm going to be blunt. I don't care what reason they had to ask the question, but if it's poor quality, it will be treated like any other poor quality question on Stack Overflow. If this means it ...
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Shouldn't questions with SO-link-only accepted answers be closed as duplicate?

Yes. And I think the poster of the "answer" should get no reputation. Such "answers" are an abuse: they contribute nothing, but award reputation to the "answerer" for the work done by other people.
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Repeated behavior of user harvesting reputation from known duplicates, next steps to do?

Yes, it's a known problem plaguing the site for years. I have a shortlist of high-rep users (>100k) in mind which repeatedly answer blatant duplicates, and get upvotes before I can close as such. ...

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