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Open the JavaScript console of your favourite browser, go to the Stack Overflow homepage, and execute the following code:'/post/discard-draft', { fkey: StackExchange.options.user.fkey, postType: 'ask', });


The site only keeps one draft question. There is no feature to save more than one. The workaround is simple though: use your favorite text editor to save your drafts, just like you would for anything else. If you would like to have that always available, use an online application to do it (something like Google Docs for instance). There are even services ...


Unless you find the question, you're out of luck. The details of the draft mechanism are specified in this post: Drafts are stored in redis for 7 days. For anonymous we use cookie to track the user. For non anonymous we use the user id. We ship it to the server in the heartbeat (once a minute or so), the heartbeat also notifies you when new ...


It's a little bit of a pain, but personally, I think it makes sense this way. Implementing a drafting system for edits would be great, but also a real pain for the devs. After all, you're not the only one who can edit your post. Say you have that draft, come back, and your post has been edited- Now the system has to figure out what parts of your draft to ...


Yes, you can draft a post before you actually publish it. According to this MSE answer about drafts, the Stack Overflow editor saves a single draft for questions and another one for answers at a profile level. The text in the editor will be periodically saved (every 45 seconds). Drafts last for up to 7 days, or until you manually post or discard them. If ...


Drafts are saved automatically. If you just leave the page, then "Ask Question", you'll find what you typed should still be there. You can also copy the text and save it to a text file. So I'm not sure why this needs to be a site feature.


As soon as you leave the page where you are typing your question, a draft of it is saved. This even works if you log out and log in again. But you will only find your last draft. I don't think there is somewhere a function hidden, where you can find all your drafts, as there is no function to save a draft manually.


Only one draft can be created at a time, and Stack Overflow does not provide a very reliable system for saving or managing drafts anyway. I suggest keeping this information in some other way, such as a text file on your computer or using an in-browser Markdown editor, such as StackEdit. Aside from that, I really don't see the point in taking developer time ...


In my opinion being able to save multiple questions at once could be useful on occasion. However, that is also part of the problem with this feature request. It wouldn't be used very often, if at all by some users. It would also require a decent footprint of code to implement (some sort of draft management system). The ratio of time for the team to ...


Is it possible to retrieve the draft of the first post? No, there is per user only one draft saved for a question and one for an answer on the server. In all cases, last saved draft wins. Is it possible to save the draft for the first post, before making the draft for the second post? That is, is it possible to save drafts of more than one posts? No, ...


TL;DR: yes, please reject. When we fix bugs and tweak settings, we also try to fix corrupted data, but sometimes we miss some. This "invalid state" message is a final catch-all for those issues and occurs just-in-time, when rendering. I've added some better error messages when this happens (check out your linked change again), as well as pre-populating ...


Sounds like the SO app is not handling Activity recreation correctly on rotation. Really for an app this complex it should probably turn it off and handle rotation itself, or lock itself into portrait mode if it isn't ready to do that. Android rotation handling is pretty damn horrible in general, they made some design decisions that worked for the very ...


A UI for undoing deleting an example could simply look something like this: Of course, the formatting would be a bit different than this (the mockup is the result of about 30 seconds with "Inspect Element") but the basic idea would be the same.


It is not possible in a browser. However using the iOS and Android apps do have this feature, there you can save as many drafts as you want.

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