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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

Yes! I support this idea, if the focus is to create examples. I already use SO frequently to get a fast view of how to do something. For example, if I Google for "node.js write file", I want to ...
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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

I'm concerned about the fragmentation this can cause. If a project already has awesome documentation that’s easy to search and cite, then there’s no need to duplicate it on Stack Overflow. We’re ...
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Sunsetting Documentation

Instead of having Community do this why not organize the community to edit the links? We can treat it like a tag cleanup/burnination and get users with edit privileges to go through and edit them. ...
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Sunsetting Documentation

A few of the documentation examples I wrote, I created because I previously had a hard time finding that particular information. This is only a few examples that I'm talking about. Majority of my ...
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The dawn of Documentation: a solstice update

One of two things happen next: either the community slows to a virtual halt, or a handful of dedicated users get down to the real work of building a community. I fail to see a path forward that can ...
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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

I don't want to be too negative about this idea, but it does make me uneasy. The main issue is how it blurs the line between official documentation and community-contributed content. Explaining a bit ...
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Stack Overflow - Serving Programmers Even Better

My own two cents: having jobs mixed in with the Q&A part of Stack Overflow seems to make as much sense to me as including a section on ramen recipes. Teams, I can understand. Documentation,...
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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

Like Stijn, I'm concerned about fragmentation. However, I love one portion of this: examples. To me, great documentation has non-trivial examples of how a method or group of methods work together. It ...
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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

I say the following from a technical writer's perspective. Creating software documentation is my job. TL;DR at the bottom. How Do you know why you see so much documentation like that? Because the ...
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Documentation Update, July 25th

Note: This is now a feature request. If you agree, please upvote! The Problem There is an issue right now with incorrect information being added to documentation. Why? 1 rep users with 0 tag score ...
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Documentation Reputation Update Is Live

I feel like the calculation "The number of characters contributed is: <# of characters added> - <# of characters removed>" is a bit flawed. I don't care too much about the reputation, but it's ...
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Is Documentation failing?

Is this a common trend for the whole docs? It definitely seems like most experts have given up on it. Most posters that are still active seem to have poor to average knowledge about the topic and ...
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Is Documentation a failed experiment?

How do you determine if it has failed? There are so many standards by which you could measure the current functionality of Docs.SO as a system. So let us look at the foundation document for Docs.SO: ...
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Can Documentation go back to private beta?

There is a general sense among Stack Exchange personnel that Documentation.SO is a good system, it just needs time to cook. That a few tweaks here and there, a change to the rep system, a few rate ...
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Can we please introduce more reputation limits for examples on Documentation?

Idea 5: Keep Q&A rep and Examples Documentation rep in different buckets Asking good questions and writing great answers is the purpose of Stack Overflow. Seven years on (is it eight? nine? I don'...
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Documentation Update, August 4th

Because some Topics are growing larger than anticipated, we'll be adding soft and hard caps to the number of examples a topic may have. One of the goals of Documentation is to create concise content, ...
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Documentation: The Update-en-ing

Looking at the Google Docs list of announcements and description of the site, I have to say that I find myself... rather disappointed and confused as to the whole purpose of this endeavor. The part ...
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How much reputation is given per documentation post per day - convert to community wiki

Disclaimer: Of course I am not implying that everyone currently involved in the Docs is only in it for the rep - that would be absurd. It seems that SO central understands quite well (maybe too well) ...
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Documentation Update, July 25th

I should preface this (somewhat negative, I'm afraid) post with a comment that I've felt uneasy with the Documentation proposal from the outset—though I've hitherto reserved judgment, hoping that my ...
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Remove or Overhaul Reputation in Documentation

If you're going to use reputation as an incentive for documentation purposes, you have to make sure that it encourages useful forms of participation. We don't give rep for asking questions; we give ...
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Tearing Down the Structure of Documentation

I'm glad to see this new approach. Thank you. I'm also glad to see the first phase of understanding your users (the companion question). Documentation doesn't exist in a vacuum; it exists because ...
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Documentation doesn't look good right now

Not only that. Go into a topic. What you see? 20 different topics. If you scroll all the way to the bottom you suddenly arrive at Syntax, Parameters and Remarks. Wait. What? Isn't that supposed to ...
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Addressing Documentation #RepGateApocalypse

Can we also ask that you look into upping the requirements for Tag Commits and Reviews? As it stands, you need reputation of 150 and a score of 1 in a tag on Q&A to commit to a new tag in ...
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Users are creating Topics in Docs without any guidance or cautions

Personally, I would just stop caring. Documentation, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, is a failed experiment. There are many specific grievances about it that can be found in the ...
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Sunsetting Documentation

Regarding Documentation badges, I really hope that the Documentation Beta and the Documentation Pioneer badges can be retained and be separated from the "newly minted silver Documentation Beta badge". ...
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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

I was going to post more thoughts in comments, but an answer fits this better. I am intrigued by this. I think it could go places. I really like the focus on examples than a bunch of words. Bunches ...
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Documentation doesn't look good right now

I agree. I poked around my favorite tags and it was/is a mess. This is not documentation; it is a semi-random grab bag of "examples". Call me old fashioned, but I was looking for: An overview. ...
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Documentation Reputation Update Is Live

I think that the rep recalc is pretty widespread at present, there are many users who have had the script fix their account. Considering how much reputation some people seemed to have amassed from ...
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Removing Documentation: Reputation, Archive, and Links

I find your lack of attribution disturbing.1 What you've suggested for attribution does not fulfill the attribution requirements imposed by CC BY-SA 3.0, under which Stack Exchange has licensed the ...
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