The issue here is that documentation is ordering versions by release date, and not by the ordering of the versions table. See https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/php/189/introduction#t=201609201503255693812&a=versions: 4.4 has been released after 5.0, thus the implicit order is 4.3, 5.0, 4.4, 5.1, ... Thus, it's not a bug, but by design. The design ...


As I feared, I eventually changed the version list in a way that broke the formatting. (You lied to me, Help Center: I broke it and peer review didn't help.) Nobody can really be blamed since the change only affected other locations (really just one Example I made). Note to everyone: the name of the technology is the line that is directly above the table: #...


I've just edited the order of PHP versions and split them into multiple groups. Hopefully this will make versioning clearer.

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