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How should Discussions' replies with "gibberish" be flagged?

Gibberish should be flagged as rude & abusive wherever it occurs on the network. Shog9 wrote this when he was a Stack Exchange employee. ...I'm partial to "rude or abusive", because ...
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Does Discussions Beta have its own RSS feed for tags?

TL;DR: No, Discussions [LABS] (discussions-space) doesn't have an RSS feed now. There are three posts tagged discussions-space together with announcement, none mentioning RSS. You might find it ...
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Discussions: Learnings and experiments

Please disable the upvote option immediately while downvotes are also disabled. There is no valid reason not to do so. What should a downvote communicate in Discussions? Might that signal be better ...
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Discussions: Learnings and experiments

It seems like the majority of new discussions are actually questions. (How To question) How to delete page breaks from a WORD document (in c#) (Error Debugging) AttributeError: '...
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