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The revision history does not show the latest content correctly

A hotfix is now in place for this bug on both the /posts/{id}/revisions and /review/suggested-edits/{id} pages. Revisions will now be highlighted correctly in code blocks: This is a problem with ...
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When reviewing / viewing an edit, can we show the title diff in a more readable format?

I definitely consider this a problem as well. Here's what I just encountered. The two titles are basically exploded into 11 pieces and the reviewer has to do a mental puzzle to figure out the before ...
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Side-by-side question review with long title can display overlapping title text

Thanks for reporting this issue! I just added word break in the suggested edit review area. Now long words that overflow the column container will break into the next line.
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The revision history does not show the latest content correctly

This happens because of the "recent" highlight.js v11 migration (specifically this feature removal). highlight.js. The library now strips unescaped HTML inside code elements and that ...
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Why does the diff on this suggested edit make it look like the editor destroyed the answer?

They did delete a bunch of code, because OP actually had the code in their question twice (in nested snippets as well) as shown in the source. The edit in the suggestion removes the tags for both of ...
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Is it possible to get a diff-view of other users edits?

As @Thallie mentions, you can click the line of text (edited ... mins ago) above the user who edited the question.
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Side-by-side diff highlights unchanged word following formatting marks

This is fixed now; see Improve display of suggested edit deltas for format changes on Meta.SE.
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Table disappears after switching between Markdown and Rendered output views

This was fixed in the meantime:
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