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I used the approach in following SO answer (Google Chrome only):, Section Chrome v52+. Setting Emulate CSS Media to screen did the job. The print view looks like the following:


I think at the very least SE should permanently lock the accounts of those known to be deceased. If such an account was hacked and appeared to become active again it could be extremely disconcerting for those that knew the person and it would be disrespectful to the deceased to say the least.


I think it would be kind of cool to have my Stack Overflow account up for years and years after I die and decades from now someone finds a question or an answer I have posted interesting. The content license requires everyone to print author names and link to user profile page. I take it that this implicitly means that there must be user profile pages as ...


(NB: this answer has been reformulated substantially since the initial downvotes) Stack Exchange sites are not a social network, but they are still a community. Some members of a community are outstanding, leading members, contributing unlike most others. We are honouring such users while alive by reputation, badges, and special posts on meta when they're ...


This has happened. We've come to know about it through reading the news like anyone else, or by having the user's co-workers contact us to let us know. On the public site, we don't do anything. The account (and thus attribution) to all of their contributions remain normalized. If we're contacted by a verifiable family member, we can sometimes make some ...

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