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I ran down the list of possibilities on how this could have happened, even taking into consideration possible glitches on our side. Long story short, you almost certainly provided it without noticing, possibly through autofill? I looked at a possible edge case of what happens when users in an organization are invited to join a team when a company signs up ...


Company names now appear as links in the PDF if a company website has been provided in the dev story editor: =>


What was once the Background section in the old-style CV was converted to a milestone (the .* icon) in the new Developer Story model. I have one of those on my timeline still, with both the category and title fields set to Background, but the date is left empty. You can still add such a milestone entry yourself and give it the same title and category, but ...


I can't really agree with any of these. Allow users to see who visited their Developer Story (similar to LinkedIn). That just trades one privacy problem for another: users viewing the page lose their privacy. Option to disassociate a Profile from it's Developer Story. (making the public unaware that the two are connected). You can ...

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