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Is this an oversight ... No, it is not an oversight. ... or by design? It is part of the New Post formatting. It rolls-up a couple of long-overdue styling issues. I guess with the adoption of CommonMark these styling changes are easier to apply across the network. This new line-height came as a stowaway Do we have to live with it permanently now? You ...


@Rene said most of what there is to say. But the changes don't exactly stop there: The line spacing also applies to code sections, and the code sections are so light (for me), that the syntax highlighting doesn't really pop out as much: #include "foo.h" void bar(int x, int y) { return x + y; } EDIT: Check out bullet points! SO bad: point 1 ...


My recommendation: If you know the language, go ahead and explicitly set it. Even on posts where the question includes exactly one language tag? So far, language tags overrode the heuristic for detecting the code highlight language. Did that change?


Complete list of reported feature requests and bugs feature-request status-deferred Add toggle button in site switcher (Zera). feature-request status-declined Have different avatars for light mode and dark mode (Scratte). feature-request status-declined Change colours of announcements sidebar (TylerH and JackArbiter). feature-request status-declined Make ...


I'm one of the maintainers for DartPad. I was really stoked to see this question, and I thought I'd respond with a little more info from our end. First, we'd love to see an integration like this. DartPad is intended to be a flexible learning tool that people can drop into their existing stuff. If the Stack Exchange folks want to use DartPad that way, it ...


I reverted the change that caused this. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the report!


If, by "fix" you mean make Share/Edit/Follow/Close/Flag capitalised, this is now fixed: This is the way things are going - animuson ♦ commented on Capitalized “Edit” and “Delete” buttons for comments are inconsistent with other UI elements (on Meta Stack Exchange) to say: I'd rather the post links be updated with capitalization. ;) Capitalized ...


This has already been asked on MSE1 but I think it belongs here, given how important this is for SO: What will the update cycle be? I’m asking because the current status of highlight.js language coverage seems to be focussed on breadth rather than depth: lots of supported languages, but individual language support of very variable quality. I’ve just ...


I have a userscript option to revert to native tooltips. Option 1: Disable Thanks Reactions and New Tooltips The relevant excerpt from : Step 0 - Install a userscript manager browser extension: Recommended Step 1 - Install/update userscript by clicking on this link:


I’m working on behalf of the design system to ship some improvements to tables that will make them fully responsive (traditionally a pretty tough problem in the ol’ CSS world), and more accessible. In this case, this means applying overrides to the td instead of the tr. As you can imagine, Stack Overflow is a pretty big codebase, with many different ...


Here is a list of all the changes made: The extra spacing. The new curve around code fences: I dislike this because coders like me prefer techier UI, instead of smooth new style UI. Instead of neat animations in our IDE's, we prefer old style UI. Here is a userscript from @CertainPerformance to revert the line gap: // ==UserScript== // @name ...


Fixed! Thanks for helping track this down. Classic old vs. new classes. It’ll go live after a merge and build, but might take a second after this American holiday week.


Just stop this Capitalization Madness [sic] already! Do it everywhere, or, rather, nowhere. This is not a "who moved my cheese"* post fuelled by frustration, pinky swear :) This inconsistency is both annoying and distracting. * Note the lower case: I hate title case. Don't infer anything from my username—that's PascalCase.


We added a small (300ms) delay to the tooltips. It feels like a good balance between being responsive and not being too annoying about it, and I hope you agree.


This has been switched to a dark mode-aware component. Going out in the next production build.


Yes please. It's been like this forever and I'm amazed it isn't fixed yet. See also Resizeable textarea when replying to employers I get that Jobs isn't the biggest revenue stream but come on. I note that it is not even resizeable, either -- the CSS specifies resize: none! Is that evidence of malice or what, i.e. is SE trying to make that feature unusable, ...


This is part of an experiment which was posted on Meta SE (but not on Meta SO as far as I can tell). Because the current location of the “Ask question” button is inconsistent, we want to move it. But first, we’re testing the proposed new location to ensure we don’t negatively impact question asking. We think putting the ask a question button in the left ...


235, or #EB, on a black background, has enough contrast to be considered accessible. It rates at 17.61:1, which is far beyond the AAA rating of 7:1. See WebAIM for more details: That said, if you personally feel that dark mode doesn't have enough contrast, there is always light ...


Here's a sight for sore eyes! 👀 I had an older revision of this answer where I made a user script to fix this, but since then I've been hired at Stack Overflow and can fix this myself! 😁 This was using a hardcoded color which faded to white, even on dark mode. With my fix, this fades to a transparent color and will work on any background on any site. The ...


Help ( has not been updated. Also What is syntax highlighting and how does it work? could be updated.


I need to hear a more convincing argument to justify changing this around. There's no mistaking his place as one of the top reputation earners on the site. However... This logic is shared across all communities. There are communities with high rep earners as well but they are so rare that it's tough to justify a change to all communities because maybe ...


This has been fixed. Code inside <sub> and <sup> tags are now set at 90%, which makes them ~11px in the first level and scale gracefully with each level. Recursive code Recursive code Recursive code Recursive code Recursive code Recursive code Recursive code Recursive code Recursive code Recursive code


This has been fixed - thank you for reporting this.


Ah, looks like we missed this one when converting to dark mode. I've got a pull request to make sure these colors are getting translated correctly. Probably won't get merged and deployed until next week. Pay no mind to the downvotes. This is a real bug that was worth filing. Thanks!


We have updated the UI on both the activity and dev story pages. This UI has been updated to reflect the UI on the actual /jobs page. Not only does this fix the bug that you have logged, but it is an attempt to create a more consistent experience and easier browsing. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention and let me know if you have any questions :)...


Thanks for the report! Starting with the next build, the badges will maintain a safe distance of two meters pixels from their corresponding tab labels.


Being able to access the "Related" dialog is more common than the "Looking for a Job" dialog so it makes sense to make the "Related" dialog more prominent or accessible by swapping them in the column order. An alternative would be to make the "Looking for a Job" dialog have a minimize control on it so that a person ...


The change that introduced this bug has been reverted.


A code block's background color does not need to match inline code's background color as they serve different purposes. And indeed, in light mode, they differ, with a code block having a lighter gray than an inline run of code. In my opinion, as long as the code block's background has sufficient contrast with the background of the surrounding post, I'm good....


Some of the HNQ icons are wrong, for example the Japanese Stack Exchange icon is rendered as the 3d printing meta icon. I'm using Firefox 75.0 on a Windows 10 system, and have reloaded the page with caches disabled. Other users report that the icons are correct in light mode. I haven't noticed other icons that are off yet.

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