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I actually really like this. My only "complaints" are: I can't tell what's a link (I wish you guys would just start underlining them). It looks too close to SO (maybe a slightly darker, cozier background?) Biggest one: There is way too much whitespace between one-line comments:


feature-requeststatus-review The Stack Overflow logo at the top of the page should not lose all color just because we're in dark mode: Normal logo: New white-washed logo: Please consider re-adding at least the orange color to the actual stack overflow icon.


Link text is still unreadable on meta. It looks like normal text unless you've visited it. (Hint: This has been a problem for a while; fix it while you're at it!) The color on SO proper should also be addressed at this point too. It sounds like something trivial, but it's discouraging to link things in answers knowing the OP (and other users) have a high ...


bug status-completed


bug status-completed While reviewing suggested edits, here's what clicking 'Reject' looks like: "clearly conflicts with author's intent" is invisible. Also happens with Triage and Low Quality Posts queues and flag/close dialogs.


Please change the color of the "close" option on the share this post popup: Also, can we please have better alignment of the scores on the answers tab of our profile page? The highlighted item in the help section needs a new color: The font size in my flag history is weird: The font size on the main site flag history is uniform: Font ...


No there isn't a way to un-gray a post, unless you use some developer tool. But you are raising a good point here: My eyes are not all that great, I have issues distinguishing certain colors/brightness, it is not that I cannot read them, it is just that is really hard. As consequence I find it very hard to read the content of grayed out posts. ...


EDIT: No guys, seriously, fix the links. They're getting a bit too difficult to read. It feels kind of...clean. MSO's got its business suit and tie on, and it's doing its best to impress. But it also feels sterile in some areas. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but some things are going to definitely need tweaking. I'm looking exclusively at this ...


It should be corrected to use the minus sign − instead of -: To improve typographical correctness; And to correct the alignment of the digits on the upvotes and the downvotes. Using CSS is not an alternative. Fonts will ensure that the minus sign is, by its definition, the same width as the plus sign; but a CSS approach will fail for those cases where a ...


bug status-completed Next badge popup Also, dark mode is not dark enough for me. :)


As an avid supporter of the polyglot, I changed my profile picture to this: Join me if you want.


Why not put a dot in the green area that indicates unread notifications instead? The dot is meant to emulate the badge icons. I considered coloring the dot to indicate what sort of badge, but a colored dot on a green background would probably be worse for people (not to mention ugly). Pros: Color-blind friendly Unobtrusive (matches the current UI) Easily ...


I’d say the code background should be kept, but the blockquote background should be changed. Here are the styles used by Software Recommendations (probably the default for SE sites?), which work pretty nice in my opinion: Update We now have (almost) the same style on Stack Overflow. See screenshot from 2015-01-16:


bug status-completed The floating tooltip on the reputation graph has light text in a light box:


The current situation at Stack Exchange To summarize staff member Aaron Shekey's comment on this issue in Stack Exchange's GitHub repository, the new Stacks design doesn't have code coverage(?) to swap themes based on user-preference or OS setting. A dark theme will also introduce additional complexity to support when developing new features or fixing ...


If we look really close we can see it says "50 reputation" in the blank spot. And if we put it into paint and use a fill with color using white we get: So the text is there but the color styling for the link is making it blend in. They need to fix the CSS for the popup. Another thing that could be done is the popup could be made red like other error ...


Eww, that looks as if somebody just took a bitmap image and fed it through a vector tracer without bothering to check the results (or redraw it properly). Here's a nice hand-optimized pair of SVG stars to replace them with: <svg xmlns="" width="80" height="30"> <path d="M17.5,12.5h-8.5l6.8,5-2.6,8.1,6.8-5,6.8,5-2.6-8.1,6....


Put it back. Please? Before SO loses its soul? Surely, there's a simple way to have it default to something like what's there now and then have a simple to manage config option to enable some flavor text (in Markdown, maybe) and a different image.


Answer to your nightmare hope this nightmare overrides the one you posted


(Check the revision for fixed bugs) Vote count overflow in the sidebar [FIXED] Jon Skeet's problem (preemptive) I modified the badge count in the DOM inspector to check whether it has space for high count of badges. Pagination is located at a weird position [FIXED] The tags are 1px too close to their description on the tags page. Although it is only 1px, ...


bug status-completed Inverse shadow effect on the "welcome to stack overflow", and "Ask questions, get answers, no distractions" text from the tour page: ( I'm calling it a bug instead of just style preference because it hurts my eyes to look at it for some reason.


The editor on StackOverflow has lost its mono-spaced font (not so here). This makes it much more difficult to type in nicely formatted source code snippets. It's a major pain in the a... now! Also, I was in the middle of editing a longer answer regarding ImageMagick's compare command, using images to visually support my explanations. I was almost finished, ...


It is not that there are too many commas, but that there are too few links. Your browser is hiding the Google+, Twitter and Facebook links: If you have an ad-blocker, you probably want to tweak it to not hide those links. Or you have a user script that is broken, or a local office network that tries to hide all things social to keep you focused on work ...


The <textarea> for posting questions and answers now uses a variable-width font instead of the traditional fixed-width font. This might not be the end of the world for Meta where we don't often post code (though I don't like it), but it would be totally inappropriate for the main site. Please bring back the fixed-width font.


For the people who agree the new layout changes are much less readable and want to use a user style to fix this situation we (read Paul Crovella) have started work on a user style: GitHub repo page Current status makes question titles bold in overview, search results changes font back to be readable again adds separators to links under ...


feature-requeststatus-deferred Add a button in the top right of the sites menu, so that users can toggle between light and dark mode quicker and easier, in case dark mode is causing problems and they need to temporarily switch to light mode.


Or does it light up when a particular queue is full to a certain threshold? This. Currently the thresholds are based on 90% of the max hourly value over the past couple weeks (test is done, thresholds now aspirational - see below); we'll adjust those based on the initial test results in an effort to determine if that'll help with prioritization and, uh, ...


Here is a super simple style that will fade the post back to normal when it is hovered. It's using the same selectors that are used to change the opacity and can be easily applied with your favourite User Styles manager such as Stylish. Here is a packaged user style I prepared earlier. The style: /*Transition to full opacity over .3 seconds*/ .downvoted-...


I appreciate the question. Puzzling.SE is a gorgeous website. This is something that the Stack Overflow design team talks about semi-regularly. We imagine what it could look like and how we could improve the design. Yet these exercises never go very far for a few reasons: We're still trying to catch-up with creating designs for the various Stack Exchange ...

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