I would strongly suggest updating the wording of the "Constable" badge to have the full "pro tempore" phrase instead of the unnecessary and confusing "pro-tem" contraction.


Moderators can and do step down and some have died. That they are elected for life does not therefore absent the need for periodic elections. Sites can also grow in popularity, with more users, questions and answers to moderate, more moderators may be required even if all the existing moderators remain.


As pointed out in the comments, pro-tem means pro tempore, and in the context of Stack Exchange, this corresponds to appointed moderators which are appointed as moderators on public Beta shortly after the start of the public Beta before the first elections are held according to this blog-post: https://stackoverflow.blog/2010/07/27/moderator-pro-tempore/


From the Slack docs: When you share a link in a Slack message, the link preview contains embedded information from Twitter Cards, oEmbed, or Open Graph. I think the "embedded information" referred to is the target's <head> section, which includes the following in the case of the SO documentation landing page (view-source:https://stackoverflow.com/...

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