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111 votes

Is it important to preserve answers which don't solve the OP's issue but could help others?

I find that alternative answers are always very useful when I'm in need of help and am browsing through other people's questions. The fact is that the top answer only works for me 50% of the time and ...
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104 votes

Why was this late yet correct answer deleted by a moderator?

Sorry, I misread the situation when I was handling NAA flags. Thanks for bringing this up! I've undeleted the answer again.
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91 votes

Why was this answer deleted for moderation purposes? What am I not seeing here?

The answer was deleted by the author's request because they couldn't delete it through the mobile app.1 This was indicated in a flag, but in some cases it'll be made obvious to you either by the ...
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90 votes

Why was this answer deleted by a mod?

The answer's first accusation was plagiarism. Given that the answer linked and sourced the content, this accusation should be thrown out. The author of the post was also active with repo during that ...
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88 votes

Got downvote reputation cost back 4 times when post was removed

We had some fun with scheduled tasks last night. Your reputation is queued for a recalc when a post that's affected your reputation is deleted... Somehow, that recalc got run four times, ...
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87 votes

Why was this answer deleted by a mod?

Our policy has always been to discourage quote-only answers on the basis that usually an ideal answer to a question will consist of more than just a quote from the docs. But we've never outright ...
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85 votes

Why was my answer deleted? I think it should be undeleted

That answer was flagged by multiple people as being a response to either the other answer or one of the comments on your question. It certainly read like a comment response, because "I haven't" isn't ...
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76 votes

Why was this upvoted (+20) answer deleted by a moderator?

Someone flagged it as a link-only answer and it was deleted by someone who was a moderator at the time. I've undeleted it, because I disagree that it's a link-only answer. The first statement ...
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75 votes

Why is the popular "How much research effort is expected" answer deleted?

I'm kind of amazed that that answer made it this long. I'm absolutely shocked that it made it this long without any edits! For the top answer on a heavily-referenced meta question, that's rare... And ...
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75 votes

Why was "Needs more emoji" deleted by an employee?

I disagree that the post in question is "not an answer". It does give feedback -- which is a valid reason to answer to a meta post -- by parodying the feature, to showcase just how absurd ...
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73 votes

I don't know the reason my answers were deleted. What should I do?

I didn't delete them "as spam", if I considered them spam I would have flagged them as such and they would have been shown as deleted by "Community" not me. You would have also suffered a 100 point ...
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69 votes

Why was this answer deleted by a mod?

The answerer is the original author of those docs. He was quoting himself. You can click through his SO profile to his GitHub account which has the same username and profile picture. It makes sense ...
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66 votes

Allow post-banned users to see all of their posts, including the old deleted ones

Hiding a user's own deleted questions from them has always a been a bad idea*, whether they're banned, whether they're <10k+ users, whether the questions are more than 60 days old, whatever. So ...
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64 votes

Why was my answer deleted for plagiarism, despite mentioning the source?

Your answer did mention the source, but it didn't contain any original content. You have copied someone else's answer and received reputation for something you didn't write. Let me quote the help ...
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63 votes

Why was my answer to my own question deleted?

The answer was flagged by some user. When I reviewed the answer, I didn't "expand" the answer, but saw it as text, just like that one It's a compact way of seeing answers: it allows to see more ...
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63 votes

Should an answer like this really be deleted?

Typically, "thank you" answers should be deleted, yes. In this case, however, it's not just a "thank you" answer. Someone answered in the comments, and the OP posted that solution ...
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62 votes

How should duplicate answers be handled when user deletes to remove downvotes?

This is basically "cheating" the system. Flag the new answer with a custom flag, explaining the situation. The mod flag will serve as a marker on their account. If a users does this systematically, ...
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59 votes

Help me help Stack Overflow: what should a new user do when answering duplicate questions?

First, thanks for stopping by! It's always great to see folks going out into the world to support their products. Extra thanks for coming here, to meta, to give folks a heads-up on what you're doing - ...
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57 votes

Why did staff mark this "thank you" answer as Rude/Abusive and convert-to-comment to the question?

I can address this, as the person that converted that answer to a comment. It was an error on my part. I apologize for the mistake, and any disruption or confusion it may have caused. I am relatively ...
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56 votes

Why was this answer deleted by a moderator?

I might have been too overzealous in trying to tame the flags in the mod queues this week, and the answer seemed to look like a one-liner with a URL due to the fact that by default only a plain ...
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54 votes

My answer was deleted, but I'm not sure why

Expanding on my comment, and also @greg-449's, the problem here appears to be a misunderstanding; that your answer isn't an answer but a question. I suspect the reason for this, as mentioned in the ...
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51 votes

Dodging downvotes by deletion and repost

No, of course it's not legitimate! You should flag one of the reposted answers for moderator attention. This might cause a mod to track the author of that answer and suspend him/her if (s)he keeps ...
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50 votes

Someone deleted the accepted answer

Looks like it was deleted after being flagged as a link-only answer. The answer read, in its entirety: The http client was switched to okhttp: I can't see how that ...
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50 votes

Why was "Needs more emoji" deleted by an employee?

Rare thing on meta, the answer was flagged as "not an answer". I declined the flag with this text: declined - troll answer for troll feature. at least it's funny because, hey, we need some ...
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49 votes

Why was my "how to boost OS keyrate" answer deleted?

As explained by animuson, the ZIP file you linked to (which contains an .exe) is probably the reason why your answer was deleted. You may have created a perfectly innocuous executable, but... that's ...
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48 votes

Can I award a bounty to a deleted answer?

I tried it. And as pointed out by Suraj Rao and Jon Clements, it's technically not possible. First, I get the popup question: Are you sure you want to award your bounty to this answer? THIS CANNOT ...
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47 votes

What to do with answers in a different programming language than the one asked for?

I wouldn't regard the language of an answer as particularly important in many cases. I quite often search for information about Android or iOS, which I'm programming in C#. And often the questions and ...
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47 votes

Are users still punished for "unfriendly or unkind" comments left on deleted posts?

Yes, the "punishment" that exists for users who leave a large number of "unfriendly or unkind" comments still applies when the comments are left on deleted posts. That's a bit of an overstatement, ...
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43 votes

Was this answer that links to a free open source software project and non-commercial website that I help maintain, really spam?

Disclosing your affiliation in your profile is not enough. From How to not be a spammer: if you mention your product, website, etc. in your question or answer (or any other contribution to the site), ...
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Lifetime of deleted answer

Forever. Stack Overflow only soft-deletes posts, except in extreme circumstances. This gives authors a chance to go back and fix a post if it needs it, or for other users to undelete a wrongfully ...
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