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How many new users start off asking good questions?

39.2% on 2022-07-03, out of 4.582m first posts. This does not include deleted posts (only the first post non-deleted post). It does not include users who did not post at all. It only counts first ...
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Will Data Dumps continue once the company starts to "Charge AI Giants for Training Data"?

So on my tirade against AI on Meta Stack Exchange, I did a little extra digging around about what was and wasn't kosher with respect to LLM training. In short, IANAL but I don't think that the CEO's ...
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It appears that the DeletionDate column in the Stack Exchange data dumps available on is always empty

The Posts table (and subsequently the Posts.xml) doesn't have deleted posts, so DeletionDate will always be null. In the SEDE instance you'll find a table PostsWithDeleted and that table does have ...
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Obtaining related questions for the data dump

The table PostLinks is available in both SEDE and the data-dump. This is its schema as found in Database schema documentation for the public data dump and SEDE : PostLinks Id primary key CreationDate ...
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